Not everybody recognizes, but movement improves brains' ability to quickly absorb information, as it incorporates and uses all visual information to make you aware of your environment. So many people who compete for motorcycles, flying airplanes, or fast-paced sports are much more similar to it and appear to be higher on IQ tests and memory recall tests. Were you surprised? No, I was not, because I did not feel it.

If someone goes home all day and does not go out, they know their environment very well and their brains are not subject to taxation that are in constant motion. Why do you ask? It seems to be related to large areas of the brain that process visual and spatial arguments. They have to work very hard when the landscape changes constantly and the faster they change, the harder the job is to do.

Think about it because you figure out what? Children playing video games will recall the game more quickly and better arm when they play 30 minutes or one hour a day. Of course, that makes sense, not coincidence. The theory is very similar to the movement of the mind's development. From a personal point of view I know that when I was competing for motorcycles and street bikes, I was really vigilant and had almost perfect video memory.

I talked to others who competed and said the same while the joyful points of the brain were exhausted with chemicals when adrenaline and heart rate were so high. None of these will surprise psychologists or neurologists, but sometimes why? I suppose it was too busy reading the books that they had gone and experienced, or they would know without reading all of my articles on the subject.

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