Many people know the miracles of personal computers. What about a computer system that keeps track of all those who have ever existed? Not only is this huge and accurate system having a record of history, countless video cassettes and pictures that you can touch if you are sensitive or intuitive. Some people refer to objective notes like Akashic Records or the Lifebook. These records are not physical and are not limited to a certain location. Everywhere they are. All we have to do is fit. Whatever you experience, whether it is a thought, a word, a desire or an action, causes vibration. Vibration will remain forever what is called invisible etheric energy. Energy leaves impression in time and space. The desires that put the energy there have also been fixed.

All of our experience can make a good or bad impression. Our responses leave different impressions in the records. The giant computer system is similar to the huge subconscious. The subconscious can be reached consciously or unconsciously. The exact record is intended to actually help us in our growth and transformation. From my own experience and from others, we are able to get past the past, which can serve us in many different levels in the present. The universe is based on love and order. We obviously go back in time and recover, forgive and release the balance and total viability activity. The challenge is to be able to correctly interpret the records. Man must be intuitive, open, objective, and not judgmental. This may be complicated as it is typical to strongly influence our own belief system, background, experiences and personal motivations.

When we begin to recall memories in the subconscious, it becomes clear that today's challenges are rooted in decisions and decisions that have been made. Some teachers feel that if they go straight to God, the memories or karma they consider to be bad are automatically removed without therapeutic sessions or without deep consideration. I know this can happen. One time I offered a workshop on the power of the Holy Ghost. Many came to me that they touched me, and healing was done to them. I remember two people who came together and commented. They said that the power of the Holy Spirit washed clean. They felt that every barrier and dirt had left off immediately.

It is important that we take personal responsibility in our lives and in shaping the circumstances of the world around us. We practice each of our souls so that we can meet and thus be "co-creators" of the "fate" unfolding. Today, many are learning subjects that help the soul develop. One thing to know, and another thing to know about everyday practice. It is important to make an ideal and living life that will do our utmost to achieve the ideal. People often blame others' problems. Not so, we inherit the most from what happens to ourselves. For those who are struggling with challenging personalities, try to minimize their mistakes and increase their virtues.

To access your hidden notes, find out that you must be sensitive and difficult to understand the old memories. You will need a separate state of mind, your body, peace and balance. Your will and the specific question in prayer or meditation can be successfully carried out under the right circumstances. The information must be on a form. The figure can be a dream, an idea, an intuitive thought, a scene, or something that stimulates the hidden ones. The records, memory bank, are all over and will be consciously displayed through the five senses. Listen to what you say, hear, think and write. Why would you like information? Be very clear if you are asking for answers. Odds are the answers in symbolic form and require interpretation. It's the subconscious that gives you the symbols that are needed to get the information to the surface in your mind. We are essentially archaeological excavations. Perseverance and pure intentions pass through the layers of the past and find the way to the surface.

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