Since the disintegration, it is desirable and hopeful that you will receive a signal from the universe, suggesting that your ex-boyfriend wants to return, do not you? Understandable. You still love him, and you feel that breaking was a mistake. Unfortunately, the ex seems to have gone without giving much thought to what you want. But now you've heard of your friend. It can not be just an innocent gesture, right? You should have been sent to a friend to check on you. At least this is what your broken heart tries to say. Unfortunately, I'm here to tell you something very different. The fact that an ex-boyfriend has contacted has very little on the big picture. In fact, do not be surprised if you find out that the ex has nothing to do with it.

When it breaks down, it affects those in the emotional environment. Not only you and your friend both are forced to deal with emotions accompanying the end of relationships, but friends and family members must also learn to deal with it. If a person we care about is not only painful, but we face the reality that their partner will no longer have a regular life. This may happen to your ex-boyfriend. Finally you came to realize that you are not part of the inner circle and you will miss it. The fact that they reach you can be a great way to create a new friendship that does not include the ex.

Another cause, which is an ex-boyfriend, often appears unexpectedly, which belonged to the ex. In other words, your ex-boyfriend could send his friend on a mission to recover something from his estate. This motivation can usually be weakened quickly when your friend pops up and asks how to ask how to retrieve that item to your ex. Keep in mind not to damage this. If the roles are reversed and the ex has some meaningful thing that belongs to you, you can ask someone to search for it. It is important not to take any frustration after the breakup of his friend who can not be more than just an innocent aide who tries to help someone he cares about.

Obviously, we're counting on a renewed relationship with the ex at some point in the hope that the reason you contacted them has to do something secret, secret, to see if you're emotional and whether you're dating again. Do not be wrong with the mistake that this is what you are doing when you ask if there is a new guy in your life. Again, this may be a normal human curiosity. It is much better to confirm what you are sharing with your friend until you feel more clearly what they want from him.

If you are convinced that you want information on behalf of your ex-boyfriend, be careful how much you share. If the ex is in trouble to send someone to get information for him, he's really interested in coming back to you. Do it for a little while keeping your emotions close and sharing the small parts just what's happening. So your boyfriend will tell the ex that he does not really know what you're up to, and that curiosity will certainly encourage your friend's interest.

I would like to emphasize how important it is to move emotionally from these before putting too much emotional energy on your mind to return to your ex. When we want something, sometimes we see things that do not really exist. Be honest about why your ex-friend friend came into your life. Take some time to discover motivations and if you really want to be your boyfriend, do not have a hidden program, consider this. We can never have too many friends and we never know if this new friendship can help alleviate the pain of breaking up to finally lead a happy, emotionally more balanced woman forward with her life.

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