Personality theories are varied. Most psychologists have more than a dozen personality theories. Each one is different from the others. Yet, we are talking about "personality development", some types of personality are called "successful" or "good", and of course, personality tests are also carried out to determine whether individuals are appropriate in some work areas. While the many business-minded experts of psychology (mostly psychology) use the myths of personality to their advantage, with the different theories of personality, the best of the psychological theorists have contributed to the weakness of the concept of personality.

Generally, the most definition of the word "personality" refers to a combination of properties, attributes or attributes that reflect the individual's distinctive character, behavior, nature, and so on. Form. Such definitions are derived from the assumption that there are fixable attributes (such as such a presumption often turns out to be incorrect because the fact that each individual is unique and different.) By this, as a background, discover some of the general myths of "personality"

Myth 1: Personality "can develop"

So-called personality development, even if it works, is training and learning. Both the nature and the education make the individual's personality grow in childhood This is through the normal learning process and non-learning, that behavioral changes will be achieved in later years. However, lifelong sustainability of such learning / displacement is unlikely, because of the lack of sustainability, we often can not leave someone out of alcohol or whatever we can do anybody's will, such a temporary wearer modification, such as branding "personality development", helps people to deal with, even though they have no real results orientation.

2nd Myth: Successful and unsuccessful personalities.

No person is persistent success or failure. Most success comes from opportunities, situations, and so on. Commander of a successful army who wins a battle thanks to a combination of factors such as men, weapons, weather and time. It is not necessary to be a successful corporate manager, just because he has become a warrior. Creating personalities as a good, bad, successful or unsuccessful branding is therefore not realistic.

3rd myth: Leadership is a personality trait.

The leadership is situational. A successful person in a given situation does not have to be as successful in all similar situations. In fact, we only have the lead in acts / events that we have exhibited. Driving is also shown in situations that are not detected. Leaders may sometimes lead to avoiding action. However, those who are used only for the exhibition of executives blame such exhibitions as personality and personality traits.

4th myth: personalities can be characterized.

Everyone is unique in personality. Therefore, in reality, personalities can not be called types. There are a number of psychological and psychometric tests that share people with the labeled personality types. While it may serve some broad goals, it may also damage self-esteem or self-image.

Human development is in the minds of men. Everyone's thinking is unique. In some parameters of nature, education, and the environment, human minds are constantly in a state of adaptation to life situations. Supporting the human soul in this socially free way in this adaptation process can lead to universal peace and a mutually supportive social life. Unfortunately, the trend world creates personality types that are consistent with the judgment of influential individuals in social life, whether they are theological, ideological, managerial or administrative. The result is extremists, militants, fundamentalists, terrorists, dictators, extremists, militants, fundamentalists, terrorists, dictators, etc. Transformation. The nations of the world can prevent the contamination of human consciousness with influential individuals with faulty perceptions, "the costs of armies, weapons, intelligence, etc. But in a social order where we are looking for good or successful personality types, it is unlikely that people have power and power people will be considered in people's thinking, feeling and mutually supportive because they do not meet their personal goals.

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