The etiquette for netiquette or e-mail is about the habits used on the Internet. Cyberspace has its own culture and has developed its own rules. Without the knowledge of Netiquette, you can commit some social mistakes, or you may be offended by someone if it does not make sense.

Netiquette rules are based on common sense and respect, but since e-mail is so fast we often forget that we still use a written form of communication

Netiquette or Email etiquette The Top 10 Rules are as follows:

1. Imagine the message on a bulletin board. You can forward, save, and print any type of sender you never intended. Never send anything that would mislead you or anyone else

. Keep in mind that corporate emails are corporate property. E-mails sent from your workplace can be monitored by people and the technically corporate property besides the sender and the reader.

3rd Avoid insulting comments. Whatever is frustrating, insulting, offensive or racist, it does not even belong to the company's email, even as a vicious one.

4th Cool your message. E-mail messages can easily be misinterpreted because they do not have voice education or body language, and provide additional signals. Interpretation of multiple explanatory points, emoticons and words in capital letters can be interpreted as an emotional language

. Be sure to forward the messages. If you are unsure whether the original sender would like to forward the message, do not do so.

6th Do not wait for an immediate answer. E-mails can be sent quickly, but the recipient does not read it immediately.

7th Do not sacrifice accuracy for efficiency. Do not send undesired email. According to experts, there are three spelling mistakes on average for each grammatical error in an email. While the weird spelling mistake is ignored when the reader has to interrupt communication to decipher a word or message, it looks good if it is not illiterate. In the worst case, they stop reading.

8th Add the message. Keep the original message to record the conversation. However, if you send a new message to the same person, start a new item with a new theme

. Do not enter all CAPS. We feel YELLING. However, do not write in small letters because you see this as lazy because it makes it difficult to read people.

10th Write clean, organized messages with a topic that provides enough information to let the reader send you and find you later.

I invite you to use these netiquette rules and tips when sending e-mails.

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