Stress, as most people use this term, really refers to the reaction they need to keep in a stressful state. This is a "fight or flight" reaction. This instinctive and unconscious preparation for every internal system – muscles, emotions, adrenaline, will – that stress responds as a threat. Or you're fighting a threat or running away from it. Your internal cost is enormous. Any such reaction reduces the ability of the system to react, just as using the knife, is so slightly astonishing during use. Sharpening the edge resets the knife but removes a part of the knife and shortens its useful life. But there is another way of solving the stressful situation in order to have a completely different and reinforcing reaction to your internal systems. Transforming Your Stressed Situation into Personal Growth Enhancement

Your intention to treat stress is to get your body as fast as possible during "fight or flight". Most stress management systems teach methods or minimize the reaction. Things like meditation, deep breathing, workout, time management – all these can be used and the severity of the stress response. The next level of stress management is to completely remove this reaction. And a higher level of treatment demand is replaced by a positive bodily reaction that actually improves all responding systems.

What is the opposite of "fight or flight"? Online search is mostly the "relaxation response", but this does not seem right. This is actually the state that the body moves after the "fight or flight" chaos. Thus, it seems less contradictory and rather a consequence. I continued searching and found a word I had never heard before: sthenic. This is the English language "The American Heritage® Dictionary", the fourth edition defines "strong, powerful, or active". The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia define: "It is strong, powerful, characterized by the power of the organism or the function of energy as an animal or a body of an animal." This is a much better definition for the state to be in a stressful position.

So how do you go from the "fight or flight" state to the sthenic state? By changing the stressful situation to a perceived perceived threat. Think of your reaction if you have a positive opportunity or just wanting to. Your emotions are usually positive, your internal reactions are open and accepted, and your mental state is a requirement, not fear or intimidation.

Most commonly, we feel stressful when you feel that your head is depressed. This may be your emotional boundaries that the limits of a loved one's death or self-esteem are facing because of new job fears. The limits of comfort may be pushed by public speech. It may be that your expectations are bound to the frustration of being in a professional position or education. Sometimes they actually attack the borders like a dark alley or a class meeting.

Your body correctly and accurately detects these as threats. The "fight or flight" condition is required to preserve physical and emotional integrity. So you need to get the body and mind to the sthenic state as quickly as possible to achieve the highest level of personal effectiveness. This is very similar to a martial artist dealing with an attack. The goal of the martial artist is not to fight. This is the most commonly used term "no karate first attack". But if an attack occurs, the martial artist will react to it and return as quickly as possible to non-martial arts. This is the most commonly used phrase in karate as "a blow to annihilate," or more often, "a blow, a killing". This is most likely to be the samurai days when a blow to a sword can kill your opponent (or you, the term is valid in both directions). Until no one intends to study a martial arts attempt to kill your opponent or attacker, your intention is to finish the fight as fast as possible, favorably for you.

As a stenic state when you are curious about the situation when solving a problem or just interested in knowing a subject, the secret turns the stressful situation into a curiosity. What is the option of overcoming stress? What is the prize on the other side of the borderline, which is against it? How can I solve this problem for you? This "fight or flight" reaction turns the stenic reaction of power, power, and activity

Reducing attitudes to stressful situations reduces stress in your life. This makes the connections smoother and less dramatic. This allows tranquility to be in the midst of chaos, because while everyone else panic in intimidation, you consider it a puzzle that needs to be solved. Then you can transform all stressful situations as a positive opportunity and really look forward to these situations. Crazy, huh?

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