Most people look to the beginning of the year as a chance to change their lives.

Nevertheless, I have seen that those who make new year resolutions or great goals for the New Year are unsuccessful.

The reasons are that people put so much pressure on themselves to make New Year's choices. or they think their life is changing in the midnight strike. Such extreme pressure prevents it. Most people on January 1 in the fog are not even thinking about getting started because they are tired or stressful.

For example, I had a client who said for a couple of years to stop smoking for New Year's Eve. He never did because he really felt pressure and did not really want to stop in his heart. It's so common to make such great decisions because people feel they expect them to make decisions like weight loss, cessation of smoking, or other habits they do not think much about the rest of the year.

How can you increase the probability of resolution or new habit?

Whether it is a New Year's Resolutions or Goal Setting, people are more likely to be successful if they only spend time at the end of the year or when they reflect the target adjustment. People last year or last month have to reflect a baseline or point of reference for what they did with their lives and where they are now.

Heart sensation: questions are the most important.

You have to reflect before deciding on your choice.

first Write down what you did last year.

Put them in different areas of their lives, such as work, relationships, and self (self-care).

2nd Ask yourself: What is missing in my life?

What have not I done yet?

3rd Ask yourself: What do you want the best in my life?

The picture or image you want the most in your life.

How would I feel in the next few years if I did not follow my dreams and goals?

Do not worry if you have a negative thought or reaction, be it inspirational dissatisfaction & # 39; motivated.

The likelihood of achieving goals and new habits is based on the issues that need to be made before targeting. If you do not take the time to ask yourself these questions, you just shoot with arrows in the dark.

4th Goals:

After that, questions like you're ready to score 2 to 4 goals.

Keep in mind these tips when you reach the goals. To begin building new habits that support your goals or just want to change, I suggest:

1. Begin with small incremental steps or steps.

example. If you want a new career or skills, do not stop working to go back to school, take part in a course and see if you like it. Drag the target to the tangible parts.

2nd Sorry about the Excuses

What may be a real cause for your goals and new habits does not work, really "agony anchors" are holding back. These are feelings of fear of change.

I've heard from customers that they are too busy and this week I did not have time. and other self-asserting allegations. It's never empowering. My clients receive a calendar, or they are plugged into a mobile phone calendar daily or evening and are working on new goals and habits.

Example: If you want to go to the gym, schedule it in the calendar. Plan ahead and plan this meeting with you. I'm so excited that I have a crowded gym in January, and many people do not finish it because they gave me a lot of confusing opportunities. in their lives. when he participates.

3rd Do not share your purpose or some with those who will work critically. Just tell those who will encourage and support you.

Being happier and confident – avoid emotional vampires. Unhappy people allow "emotional vampires" to blame their skull on their positive feelings. Emotional vampires include people who smoke, criticize or cheat or sabotage your dreams and aspirations. Never let the sniper or the negative people shoot holes in the ship. This sort of man frees life.

Take a survey of your life by listing the people and situations that you are discovering. Then throw or restrict people, habits, or situations that prevent an optimistic and happy feeling. In other words, "Bridges" and "# if needed."

Example: I was young at the beginning of the 30s who was running a half-pillar, he was very excited, and told her mother what she was planning and her mother looked at and said, "this can not …" He was very upset and learned very quickly this principle to include those who are only positive and supportive.

Follow these tips and will not only be successful New Year becomes happier and more optimistic.

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