So you've come across an online writing contest / tournament, or maybe your favorite crop of grain offers you a chance to win a vacation all over the world. All you have to do is tell them 25 or so why you want to. And you want to win it, do not you?

Believe it or not, there are some simple steps you can take to dramatically increase your chances. And they're here for free just because I'm such a nice guy …

No stories about Sob!

This tip is first listed on the list, because this is the most important one. For some reason, the first thing that seems to be people aware of these tournaments and tournaments is "how do I make them pity for me?" It looks like a great plan as an entry but from personal experience as a judge in these tournaments, I can say that this is a complete alternation.

Nevertheless, people always try in the book …

We can not pay the rent … our house is burned … in the family everyone is cancer … I need 16 operations to help my dog ​​stop his depression and I can tie my leg and burn the house … you know it.

Let me make it clear – this tactic does not work, even if you are right, because:

1. Judges can not control your needs so anyone can create any story they like.

2nd After a while, these entries are so many and are tiring that they will not disappear.

All he does is send the judge into a depressed spiral. In addition, it raises the entry of competitors because they enjoy reading more.

Be creative and entertaining

From the number of entrants, many texts are often read by judges. As their heads get closer to the desk and the coffee starts to endure, the post will need something special to see. The best thing you can do is creative. And I want to say that I was thinking out of the box (if you're thinking of poetry then you do not think enough).

My advice here is simple. If you put something else up and you really stand out and FUNNY you win. When I heard a magistrate was ridiculed at his desk, he had read the winner nine times out of 10. In general I can also tell which post is read because the same reaction was the first time I read it.

If you can make such reactions, you are likely to be a winner. I suggest your friends and family as a gimmick. If the ball is rolled over the floor, he has done his job. If the best you get is "not bad", "very good" or "looks good" then you have to go back to the drawing board. comic or humorous, but the post has to rise because something is fascinating or interesting. Keep the rules and stay on the topic

less "entry broken the rules, I would currently be Bahamas and would be alone for you.

You always have to do the following:

· Enter the entry for the requested one

Short, sharp, bright

Just because it's allowed to use 25 words does not mean that you should.If the entry says what you want to say, do not upload your word the rest of it is done by repeating or adding useless items, all you do is dilute the message. brain for maybe 2 days). It would kill another 5 minutes for proofreading? No, of course not, but certainly helps in winning. Check the grammar, check punctuation, check capitalization, and check spelling. The presentation is easier to read and greatly increases your chances.

Send it

It seems obvious, is not it? But how many times have you seen a race you want to enter just to make the due date go long? As the saying goes, you have to be in it to win. And if you use the advice you give, you're likely to improve your chances of getting up.

So what are you waiting for?

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