Why does evolution want failure to evolve?

It seems so often people blame their current position on their genes. How many times did you hear (or say) "How did you get"? If you like me a lot.

Last week, we talked about losing ourselves and making a huge effort, but there is a point in action where evolution will kick between the teeth.

Let me explain, because there was some confusion when I last talked about it. Your "lizard's brain" literally means a small part of your brain that covers all your survival instincts, your breathing, heart rhythm and everything else; you autonomous / subconscious mechanism, if you want.

Back on the day you were eating, your mind was awesome! He helped to avoid things that would put it in the ground (or some other stomach).

Now, though, now that most of us have plenty to eat and actually eat more than we would be the lizard, which the brain can get on the road. If you want to change any part of your life, and when I say that I am talking about fitness, money, anything else, this little boy will also enter.

It questions the validity of the decision and when you can not prove that your life will be scary, wherever you want to be, you will do everything to be able to stay where you are. During the day that was good, too many changes would be lost.

Fortunately for us, the little lizard can easily be picked up.

How? In fact, it's so simple, and I'm the first to say that the information I give is not new. I want you to plan your life in your mind and remember, do not worry how you will get there. Design your perfect home, body, fitness level, want to run a marathon, re-integrate into your "thin" jeans or do you have the energy to run your kids?

Think of all aspects of your life. Start Now Feeling How Do You Feel When All This Is True. Remember that the lizard did not have a lot of conscious thought to go back, it was all about instinct and emotion, so if you feel honest, as you will feel when you get there, the lizard starts believing you're already there.

Guess what? You will begin to change your life to achieve your goals, because now you are not currently "safer". There is no food and water here.

What I tell you is that you are the biggest obstacle when you make tremendous changes in your health, fitness, and literally in every other aspect of your life.

Next time we're talking about the 1% rule.


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