As a generation X owner, I feel like I've provided a certified part of the social media every day. Like most people, I post, pee and comment on the things that make my personality and business fair. As you gain experience with the "new" communication tool, I can not help but notice the tendencies of interacting with each other. Particularly outstanding is one such trend; I see a totally infinite number of motivational quotations and sayings. Is X generation (or Y) in such whimsical motivation or are we all trying to be a defeated motivator? In an increasingly transparent world and on the Internet, they are exponentially full of articles, how to do everything, why we need inspiration and motivation?

For those who think that we are all looking for special motivation, the old ad "can lead a horse to the water" remembers. Should not we find out how to find motivation from within, instead of filling our tank with year-round inspiration? Why are words created by others that are organized and spoken by a particular man by a historical man or woman give us a sense of spirit that can feel the feeling we can succeed to be very strange to be honest. What about those who think that we are not really looking for motivation for motivational quotes, but that we are actually trying to inspire and create our heads of generation and repeat these pride. I have a difficult time because, because I'm sure, there are very few real leaders and even less influential and inventive.

Here are some of my thoughts on how to find a real motivation.

  • Read the Real Literature You pick up a classic novel you always wanted to read. The best-selling authors are the best sellers for one reason; their true conviction and passion for their craft that you will love and love.
  • Find your passion. Time to be honest, think about where you were and where you want to go. If you need constant motivation, I think you miss your passion. Go on it.
  • Find people. Replace the length of social media for happy hours. Participate in local chamber events, social events, club competitions, etc. Do not talk about work all the time, ask for your freedom.
  • Play a sport. Relaxing is a powerful tool, whether you're alone or in a YMCA-related football game that's taken too seriously. Enjoy sweaty puberty, reduce stress levels, and increase brain strength!

There is a motive for a liner; do not be fooled, I sure have read some of the things that really affected the day. But be honest with us and use them responsibly. Take the time to find your own fuel source and enjoy the reward for self-realization of infinite motivation and passion.

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