How to reduce stress with breathing consciousness?

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You can survive without food for weeks, without days, without water, just minutes without oxygen! But most of us spend very little time on our breath. As the press at the University of Oxford reminds us, "In previous years, breathing was synonymous with life because the last breath was the absence of death and the departure of the soul." Similarly, in the case of yoga, Sanskrit is a prana for air, which also means that life is energy.

When we bring our consciousness to our breath, we slow down and begin to realize our deer layers, thoughts and feelings. Did you know that when we are under stress, some of us really keep our breath? At other times, we just breathed very shallow. We unconsciously stop our vitality and cause even more stress in our bodies. If you begin to exercise conscious breathing (focused on your breath), your body will relax and the mind will be concentrated.

Breath is more than a body function, it can be a strong stress-reducing tool and a reliable friend. It's always there. When you pay attention to it, you are inward, outer, busy and current. Throughout the book, exercising the power of NOW, Eckhart Tolle suggests using the breath as a tool to enter NOW.

Focuses on breath and the mind naturally slows down as the body relaxes. The "monkey mind" is less desperate. Most meditation practices involve some form of breath as they relax the body and focus the mind. Try the following stress reduction strategies.

Useful Tips:

1. Next time you feel tense or confused, move the focus to your breath. Notice that your breath is moving in your body (or not moving when you hold your breath). Then report every breath and exhalation in silence, "One" on inhalation, "Two" on exhalation, and so on.

2nd Try to count only the exhals for a deeper rest.

3rd For greater concentration, focus on the space between breathing. The place where the exhalation breathes and the inhalation will be exhalation, etc.

By exercising breathing consciousness, you can regularly bring peaceful and deep relaxation. As thoughts slow down and the mind becomes clear, they can be aware of the limitations of thoughts, to be free, to give space to new thought patterns, and to connect with deeper wisdom. "Breathe. Let it go. Remember yourself that this moment is just one thing you know for sure" ~ Oprah Winfrey.

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Stress management tools for Stay-At-Home Moms

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When I decided to stay at home with my mom, I represented all the good things I imagined with the role; kissing small toes, listening to the first words, and teaching the art of tying shoelaces. I knew that it was less than a pleasant task to do around the clock, but I could never fully imagine the amount of work involved.

I never regret the decision – a wonderful call – but sometimes you feel grateful. When was the last time I recognized my job, did I raise it or put it on an incentive path? Besides hugs, kisses and strange thanks, there's no big year-end bonus in this job. That's why home moms have to take care of themselves first. Of course, a supportive partner is a great help, but if you don't look at the uno, you feel happy and sad about your family. Calm down a little pressure and create a better balance in your life and enjoy the "job" much better.

Day Jail is the term used by some moms to describe home day time. We all whine about it, but really, what's not to like? Depending on the age of the children, it can take up to four hours. Keep your home day as long as you can and get time for you. Sleep, if you need it, a cup of tea while browsing, a long hot shower, but whatever you do … don't clean it!

Finding fresh air (and possibly sunlight)

Come with your children at least once a day. Walk into the park, sit in the yard, build snowmen and breathe the fresh air. Vitamin D is important, especially in colder climates, so go where the sun is shining and you will see how the spirits are lifted.

Connecting with others

Social media is my savior. This allows me to stay in touch with friends and family, and especially with colleagues, because I have no water cooler to stop. When I look for adult adult interaction, I use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to choose the media that I choose.

When the baby and toddler stages end, things become more manageable and personal balance is easier to achieve. Keep in mind that it will stay positive, and if you feel like slipping, pull out these cute baby photos, embrace and read with your kids, hug your partners, and smile because tomorrow is a bright new day.

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7 The cause of stress

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In 1967, Thomas H. Holmes and Richard H. Rahe of the University of Washington studied the relationship between significant life events and illnesses. As part of this study, the main causes of stress were depicted. This chart, which contained 43 stress in 1967, was updated to 55 in 2006. It is obvious that society has more reason to feel stress.

If you could eliminate the factors that cause stress in your life? Can stress be lifted – or will your whole life be inoperable, possibly causing death?

Which is the leading cause of stress?

1. Finances

Most studies agree that finance is one of the main causes of stress. In LifeCare, Inc.'s Internet Survey 2005, 23 percent of respondents were financially the main cause of stress in their lives. Financial stress has led the list to many modern surveys.

Some people who mention finance as one of the main causes of stress cause such large purchases as they need, such as home or car. Others emphasize loss of income or credit card debt. For some, financial stress will go bankrupt. While college students focus on paying for education, Baby Boomers and the elderly find that retirement income can be one of the main causes of stress

2. Work

For Stress is in close contact with finances. Our work or career causes constant stress. In the LifeCare survey, 21 percent of respondents mentioned this as the main cause of life stress

How is workplace stressed? We are worried about getting and keeping the right employment. We are worried about new jobs or new responsibilities. We struggle to get on the career ladder that the demands are overwhelmed. Working conditions may change or we have workplace problems. Students, especially teenagers and college students, mention school work as a cause of stress. Sometimes workplace stress is different for others. Sometimes we bring it to ourselves.

3. Family

The family, though wonderful, can be one of the main causes of stress. Arguments arriving with spouses or other family members. Divorce of parents. Children marry. The flow and flow of family life is full of stress. A child goes away – an aging parent enters.

Family health is one of the main causes of stress. A patient with a family member, serious injury, pregnancy, miscarriage or abortion causes all stress. Other types of family changes also cause stress. Accepting, relocating, and changing jobs for only one family member can cause stress to everyone

4. Personal concerns

Personal concerns that are only indirectly created by others are another major cause of stress. Lack of checks contains a list of personal concerns. All people have a profound desire to control their own lives. If the control is weak or missing in a particular area, there is stress. For many people, lack of control over their time is one of the main causes of stress. We want to determine when to do the home or work tasks. Keeping the workplace, participating in the car in the school, driving to family football practices, shopping and scouting meetings, while trying to keep households running, can cause considerable stress. You want to control your time instead of guiding the needs of others, but it's not always possible.

We may be involved in legal proceedings that cause stress. We may be wrestling with the wrong habit. Maybe we're going through changes. Personal change can cause any stress

5. Personal health and safety

Most people find that personal health is one of the main causes of stress. For some, stress is linked to obesity and the desire to lose weight. For others, stress is a personal base habit that affects health and needs to be changed. For example, smoking, drinking or other drugs. Illness or injury, whether minor or severe, can be a major cause of stress for many people. Incontinence is a constant concern. Personal health is more or less stressed based on severity and personal health

Personal safety is one of the main causes of stress. Women, like men, emphasize their own and others' safety. Adults tend to emphasize more than young people who can be invincible. Crime is a factor like

6. Personal Relationships

Regardless of friendship, dating, divorce, marriage, divorce, or marriage, the relationship can be one of the main causes of stress for many. We all want love, and this is potentially available in relationships, but moving from A to B can be very stressful. Some require online connections that are easier to manage. Others retreat and retire. However, the demands of time, finances and emotions can cause constant stress

7. Death

Probably the most severe cause of stress is the death of a loved one or a close friend. Even the death of a pet can be stressful. Children are always the source of stress for parents, but when the child dies, stress is overwhelming. The same is true when a lifetime spouse goes on

Win or Lose

The cause of stress change at our age. The tense child who threw the tantrum will be a young student, stressed by the school's harasser. The young student becomes a teenager with acne, hormones and date. A teenager becomes a young adult who tries to cope with leaving home, adapting to university life, and managing finances. Life is the first job, marriage, children and so on. Even if you move to a secluded cabin in the forest, stress will follow you.

Knowledge of the leading causes of stress is important. Using knowledge to gain unhealthy stress is vital.

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Easy solutions to anger!

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Somebody once told me when I was angry, crying and crazy and shouting and trying to hurt everyone and feeling that I feel as bad as I feel because I want to hurt them as much as I hurt in the past . When I'm sad, tombs and graves, and I don't feel good and the same when I'm angry, I say things are very meaningful because I want people to feel hurt as I feel.

When I asked why this is what I learned from this person: when I was little, my life was hard, my mother was a drug, and my father was an alcoholic and drug addict, and divorced, they were never for me and still no, they always told me cruel tough things and never supported me, not even today.

I was already molested when my mother's husband and nephew were young, I did things and I did things with which I am very sorry. I have been injured by people I really love and care about, and I can't get close to anyone without damaging any of us.

I'm sure we're all angry, anger is the normal feeling of pain and frustration, because you don't feel anything, feel that you can't do anything about it, felt it? Almost like a choke? If so, you are not alone.

Many psychologists explain that anger is just a feeling of hurt, and this negative feeling can be cured by simple relaxation techniques followed by hypnotic suggestions to control the unconscious trigger, and activate the uncontrolled urge to withdraw – often suggestions there is a need to remove this shocking wire from retaliation, which in this case is very cementing for "anger" and is very emotional when it happens hypnotically.

What is anger? We said that the feeling of being painful is that it feels angry, guilty, and ashamed, worthless, and rejected.

So how do you cure these negative emotions?

Well, this easy part, the hypnotist usually builds a rapport; relax the client, then use guided images to regain these negative feelings, and then the feelings that heal with other positive suggestions and triggers or anchors. I can fix the negative feeling in the right way for the client, because everyone and the individual understand it differently and do not agree otherwise.

For example: The client is asked to focus on the first time he felt angry, and the hypnotist gives them a substitute word that feels this feeling positively:

instant anger, deep breath, and think " calm in your mind. Or, if you find yourself in a situation that disturbs you, get to know it immediately and breathe deeply, feel free to think, think calmly, or imagine the sign, and the word "I am calm" flashes in front of you, you see, that its color is blue, calm, and if a person is crazy, visualizes or imagines that this person is wearing a "T-shirt" with the words "I am calm", all over their shirt, skin, face, whole, and as you see it turns blue and you feel so calm because you are now controlling it.

Now listen: Think of the person who feels bad, now in your head, look and feel that you are calm calm. Now that you can talk about your feelings and understand the "deepest basis of the feeling of pain," the friend who is linked to dishonesty and the best friend of pain, the enemy's anger.

Here is an Exercise:

First Step: Ask yourself: Why do I feel angry? How do I feel? Why do you annoy me? What's so strong?

Step Two: How deeply injured and describe it: is it like a sharp pain, sharp knife, feels like a hot blood, boning knife, tight muscles? Why are you feeling so strong?

When you did this: you are ready to reach the center of pain … this is when you understand it, so you can make a decision that nothing is so important that you really feel good and can be laugh, calm, good food, good music , around a friend, I'm sure you will find something you can relate to, so you can think positively … then you can focus on all your good work so far, the last compliment you have, the love your pet, your art, your lover , with your partner, if any, your family or your child … see the values โ€‹โ€‹and the feelings of morality.

Third Step: "Achieving Default Value": Review the things you want to live a life like the good things you did, the last compliment you got, the last gift you got to mean wow, the loving relationships that you have, the things and the goals you have achieved so far. positive affirmation about yourself, say they sound loud to a good friend, student, child, pet. , you can change it by saying: i'm smart, i'm smart, 'not true I'm stupid' or it's not that ugly, actually I feel like I am anybody around me and I can see that I am kind, loving, and patient … inner feelings of anger. Remember that anger is a normal feeling, and it is a perfectly healthy feeling to be careful to give much power. Here is your duty to approach your feelings through anger and work.

There are many ways to approach it: for example, you can describe what you feel when you are angry, then describe why you are doing it and let your own opinion, your own voice, and then give some of your own ideas or suggestions as you think how to deal with, of course, a calm mindset and let your inner child, the other voice, provide a plan to win this battle; .

I always say it is false as long as you do it, yes, it is about repetitions, over and over again, for a month or two, and it reinforces new suggestions and reinstalles a new condition for the new default.

So, as soon as the feeling of anger arises, think of "Peace" "I'm calm," Blue light "or anything you can think of that can bring positive feelings like your pet, your love, your child … remember, the practice makes it perfect, so make sure you don't do it as naturally as you can. You can ask me for free consultation … local or long distance.

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Don't Get Mad

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When it comes to anger regulation, many skills and techniques can help and help. For many people who have problems with anger, it takes a huge effort to stay calm and calm.

Two factors that can really lose the loss of temperament control when they are subjected to extreme stress and pressure in a given situation. The anger management control is the first step towards a relaxed rest and does not pass on the feelings that cannot be controlled.

The first technique that can be used to control anger is to recognize stress when it occurs. This is extremely important because you need to understand what is causing this pressure and try to reduce this stress before it quickly turns into anger.

Empathy is another anger control skill you can learn. This ability focuses on the relationship between anger and empathy. You can teach yourself how to completely reduce or eliminate anger by seeing things from the perspective of other people.

You have to learn how to respond to situations, not react. This means you can think about your answer and feel free to approach it instead of suddenly responding to stress and pressure.

Anyone has the right to decide how to express their feelings, whether in anger or otherwise. You need to learn more to communicate effectively and always relax.

It is important that you experience unwanted feelings when you talk to yourself with your own mind and allow you to effectively treat these feelings before you act with them. Speaking through our own head, you can work on how we will best deal with the situation, instead of taking a destructive impulse.

Anger management management can also be implemented with the ability to communicate with others honestly and arbitrarily. You can effectively train yourself to react to situations without annoying things.

These feelings can be made very regularly with the difference we expect and what is actually in life. Often, if things do not go out or we feel that we are very grateful, we will find it difficult to control our anger. If you change your expectations, you should be able to handle situations and cope better.

The great step in the right direction is to forgive and decide to let go. This process involves forgiving someone and accepting a situation. You may not always forget it, but you can control your anger with forgiveness.

Finally, it is imperative to step back and think about what is happening, not too fast. Sometimes it can be very difficult for you to bother and start doing things before you first think about things. You really have to spend time and decide what to do.

However, he decides to control anger, he has a lot of skills to learn to achieve. It is important to remember that everyone has the ability to lose temperament and check that it is a real challenge.

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Three great anger tips

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The comment that he cannot control his anger or behavior is a myth. You are in complete control of your daily life and activities. You make decisions, go to work, buy a car, go to school, marry and choose friends. The list may continue, but the point is to determine your life and what is happening in it. Basically you have the freedom to choose the way of your life.

We, as human beings, are able to choose our reactions, no matter what the action is. Sometimes it is very difficult and difficult to make the best decision at any time, but we have to deal with the result. Therefore, I want to give you 3 great anger tips to help you on your way to being able to control your anger and anger.

The first thing that can help in your anger is to find out the source of your anger. Now it seems strange because it is obvious from the outside why you may be crazy or need anger tips and resources, but there are more internally than eyes. Many people are deeply rooted in things that have happened in the past that do not allow them to progress. Different accidents can cause traumas that work on the subconscious theory and start from small things that might not be obvious to the person.

The second anger tip can also serve as an angry resource as it will have the magnitude of the available extreme value. There are many things that respond to individual ticks or react in some way, but nothing works better if you find these things as a person who is trained and trained to diagnose and treat such problems. This resource appears in the form of an anger consultant and can be one of the most valuable resources in the treatment of available anger. Too many people do not know the great value and service that such a service provides.

The third valuable anger management resource and available tip is the soothing music. Yep, cool and relaxing music reassures the soul, body, mind and spirit of a person who is angry. It becomes the habits and sedatives that work before the subconscious mind. Think of visiting the hospitals and the doctors' offices. The music in the elevator plays in a smooth and elegant style that literally feels better about yourself without trying. What a brilliant idea to give them anger tips without knowing what's going on here.

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The real reason why people are annoyed by us is anger from an intellectual point of view

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I often post quotes on Facebook and Twitter about different people about the topics I am interested in, or I think other people would benefit. Recently on Facebook somebody sent me the following private message:

"Everything that annoys us, can understand us for understanding" – Carl Jung

Chris – I don't understand, can you help? 19659004] After typing almost a complete answer, I realized that it was long enough to be an article … and so I decided to do exactly that – translate the answer to the article. I hope you enjoy … ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope I can help … but this is a deep understanding that truly understands personal exploration. The simple version: While someone else's words or actions disrupt us, it means that our own enjoyment depends on people. Our happiness is never our own, but rather our & quot; to those who annoyed us.

In order to move away from this difficulty, we have to choose ourselves to be aware … even in the most difficult times. Therefore, every time someone else disrupts it, it would help us to ask ourselves: "Why is it annoying?" And then when we have a response, we ask again, "Why is it annoying me?"

The intention is to discover the reason why a person's behavior is degraded.

For example, if a partner leaves his cups all the time, we may be nervous. But why? Well, we say "disrespectful." Is this really? Why do we think it is disrespectful? Maybe we can discover that this is what one of our parents did as a child. And then we can remember every fight that our parents had to face with the same problem.

If we understand that we see the real reason why our current partner shook the cup, it has nothing to do with disrespect, but a reminder of our parents' previous arguments.

This is a * very * short and limited example … and I hope you discover your own answer.

Just remember – every time you interfere with something – just pause and ask yourself why … because it's usually not nervous because of what's happening in the present, but because something happened in the past.

Another example: Your partner comes home late. You are upset and say they are disrespectful. But if you feel your body, you will notice that you feel touched, so you ask yourself why. What you discover is that you are somewhere in there, fear being left … and when they come home late, worry about leaving you. You may have discovered that as a child you never knew when one of your parents came home, or sometimes your parents divorced, or sometimes a parent left the routine routine, and never came home (dead, ran), etc.).

And so we discover that your late home partner will not spoil you, because it is not disrespectful, but because you will be afraid to leave.

This logic is true for all things that disturb us.

To varying degrees … some smaller than others. Sometimes it is so small that we will not notice it, such as being disappointed that a little child has stepped back on our toes. Or maybe this is a huge question that has often come into contact (personal or professional) and has never been resolved.

Whatever you want to experience more peace in your life, just be like a kid again … don't forget to ask, "Why?"

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What causes anger?

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Anger is a strong emotion that suffering has caused some type of real or genuine injury. Cognitive behavioral theory refers to a number of factors such as past experience, behavior learned from others, genetic predispositions, and lack of problem solving ability. Put simply, anger is caused by a combination of two factors: the irrational perception of reality ("I have to make my way") and a low frustration point ("This is my way or nothing"). Anger is an internal reaction that is considered an external cause. Angry people almost always blame their reactions to certain individuals or events, but rarely realize that they are angry because of their irrational world feelings. Angry people have a certain perception and expectation of the world that they live, and when this reality doesn't meet their expectations, they will be angry.

It's important to understand that not all anger is unhealthy. Anger is one of our most primitive defense mechanisms that protects and motivates us to dominate or manipulate others. This gives us the added strength, courage and motivation necessary to fight against injustice against us or others. But if they leave anger uncontrolled and free to take over the mind and body, anger becomes destructive.

Why we need to control anger

Just like a person under the control of a street drug — a person under the influence of anger is unable to rationalize, understand or make good decisions because anger distorts logical reasoning in blind emotions. It becomes inconceivable to think clearly, and our emotions control their actions. Physiologically, anger creates a fight or flight response in our brain that increases blood pressure and releases adrenaline into the bloodstream, thereby increasing our strength and our pain threshold. Anger thinks only two things: (1) Defend or (2) Attack. None of these contribute to good negotiation

Internal sources of anger

Our internal anger sources are derived from irrational perceptions of reality. Psychologists have identified four types of thinking that contribute to anger

1. Emotional argument. People who are emotionally misunderstood normal events and things that other people say are directly threatening their needs and goals. Those who use emotional reasoning tend to be innocent, which other people say to them because they are attacking themselves. Emotional reasoning can lead in the long run to dysfunctional anger

2. Low frustration tolerance. We all had a moment when our tolerance to frustration was low. Often, stress-related anxiety reduces tolerance to frustration and begins to detect normal things as a threat to our well-being or the threat of our ego.

3rd Unreasonable expectations. When people demand, they see things as they are and not like they are. This reduces frustration tolerance because people with unreasonable expectations expect others to act in a certain way, or uncontrollable events behave in a predictable manner. When these things do not go, anger, frustration and finally depression are set.

4th People certification. Classification of people is an anger-minded way in which a person uses a hijacking label for someone else. By classifying someone as a "bitch" or "garbage", they protect them and make it easier for them to be angry with the person.

External Rage Sources

Hundreds of internal and external events that may be angry, but considering the negotiating position parameters, these factors can be narrowed down to four general events

1. The person makes personal attacks against us. The other side attacks the problem in the form of verbal abuse

2. The person attacks our idea. The other side stops our ideas, opinions and options

3. The person threatens our needs. The person threatens to lose our basic need if we don't get the way, that is, "I assure you you will never work in this city again."

4th We're disappointed. The level of tolerance in obtaining things can be low or many environmental factors can be influenced in our lives

Frustrating factors

1. Stress / anxiety. When our stress levels rise, frustration tolerance decreases. That's why there are so many domestic debates and divorces about financial problems

2. Pain. Physical and emotional pain reduces frustration tolerance. This is because we focus so much on our survival needs that we don't have time for anything or anyone else.

3rd Drugs / alcohol. Drugs and alcohol have an impact on how the brain processes information and can irritate people, or cause repressed emotions or memories that can cause anger

4. Recent irritations. The latest irritations are also called "bad days". This is the little irritation that complements frustration tolerance throughout the day. The latest irritations can be: stepping into a puddle, drinking coffee on his shirt, delaying to work, flat tire jammed in a plug.

Recognizing the Physiological Signs of the Devil [19659002] By recognizing the physiological signs of anger, we can determine when to begin action to make sure that our anger is below control. Here are some symptoms of anger:

1. Unconscious muscle tension, especially on the face and neck

2. Teeth grinding

3. The rate of breathing increases dramatically

4. The face turns red and the veins become visible due to the increase in blood pressure

5. The face becomes pale

6. Sweating

7. Warm or cold feeling

8. Shaking in hand

9. Goosebumps

10. Pulse Increase


Am I Angry?

Damn it. You have your own perception and expectation of the world that you are living, and when the reality you live does not meet your expectations, you have the right to be angry. Afterall, if everyone is thinking, then the world would be a pretty boring place to live. He will go into situations that he does not enjoy. You will be exposed to people who do not respect your views and ideas. Feelings of anger are fully grounded in your beliefs and you should not eliminate or deny these feelings.

The angry feeling does not mean that you have the right to anger with the attack of another person. You cannot change the views of other people to suit your own, because, like you, you have the right to keep the world. The best thing you can do is recognize your anger and focus on the problem instead of your partner.

Key Points

Angry or frustrated as if we were under the influence of a drug.

The anger is caused by the combination of the irrational perception of reality and the low frustration point

The anger is a natural answer and you have every right to be angry, but learn to check the anger during the negotiations, because if at any meeting responds, you lose the agreement.

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Treatment of chimpanzees, handling emotions

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We often do things and then regret it because we didn't really want to do it. We also find ourselves responding quickly and impressively to situations that have been able to think a little bit, we could have managed much better.

Steve Peters, a psychiatrist who has worked with Victoria Pendleton and Sir Chris Hoy, has created a model that can easily explain the neuroscience background, but can also provide strategies to treat emotional complexity frequently; not that bad, but sometimes immediate, emotional responses prevent us from doing what we really want.


The brain is rather complex and understanding is not easy. However, if you focus only on certain bits of the brain and what they do, Peters provides a model that is reliably easy to use. It only focuses on the frontal lobe, the parietal and the limbic.

The frontal lobe is connected to the motion control, but also with higher order functions. Here is your ability to plan and make decisions, as well as your reasoning and judgment. The prefrontal cortex also monitors its personality and behavior. This is the bit that Peters thinks like Man, the little you think.

The parietal lobe, which is referred to as a computer in the book, is responsible for speech, information processing, and knowledge or knowledge. This is a storage area and many things you do automatically are processed very quickly. This provides a degree of stability and helps in the management or even prevention of internal conflicts.

Finally, the limbic system is the bit that allows you to feel joy and other emotions, such as fear or anger. It is especially related to the instincts of survival, and thus it is related to eating, sex and protection. This is the area of โ€‹โ€‹the brain known in the book of mind management known as The Chimp Paradox .

These bits of the brain are able to control themselves, but they can work together. However, he often finds himself in conflict; this is the feeling when a part of you want a thing and a part of you and you have a debt for what you are actually doing. This is especially between chimpanzee and man.

The Chimpanzee

The chimpanzee is your emotional machine in life to ensure survival in the jungle of the world. He sees things like a real chimpanzee with black-and-white expressions, with no gray area. It may be irrational and often jumps to the point of view of its feelings and impressions. It can easily become paranoid and catastrophic, assuming that the worst property actually happens. Once you recognize the threats, you will be fighting, fighting, or freezing. Chimpanzees are governed by the laws of the jungle by drivers and instincts. This is not always the most useful way to deal with the situations in which you find yourself and not your brain as your brain wants to work.

The Human

. your brain is obviously doing a bit differently than a chimpanzee. He wants to work according to the laws of society and to control things such as morality, ethics and conscience in order to achieve the goal. To be honest and legitimate, or to be compassionate or self-controlled, they all belong to the human domain because they fit into their social agenda. Once we have logically considered the facts and evidence, one has to make decisions that fit into this agenda to achieve ultimate success, but within society.

Conflict [19659003] It's easy to see how these two brains are in conflict with how they want to live and react to situations. An event is interpreted by emotions and impressions, and the use of emotional thinking creates a response. The other will experience the same event, but examine the facts, then apply logic and give a completely different answer. If this happens at the same time and simply with two choices, human or chimpanzee, you can make a decision. However, the chimpanzee is much stronger and faster, so it always wins in a straightforward fight between the two options. Event information first comes to the chimpanzee, and so the reaction always occurs before people have the opportunity to work on things. This means that you need to find ways to handle chimpanzees in the way you want, so that you don't simply win every internal fight and run your life in jungle – fight with others, escape from detected bad situations, or freeze and don't let you do anything .

Treating Emotions

The first step in dealing with emotions is to treat two bits of your brain. If you have unwanted feelings or thoughts, maybe the chimpanzee. If you ask yourself, "Do I want to feel this way (or do I think of these things)?" and the answer is not #; then you are not directed at you right now. If so, you would obviously feel other preferred things. There are other signs when you start to follow what if … & # 39; Scenarios and worst thinking (eg disaster with chimpanzees), or when you notice that your action is determined by feeling right.

After realizing that the chimpanzee has taken over, you must understand and accept the system and its rules. Because the chimpanzee's brain is so stronger and faster than man's, it's not just overdrive. Power only works for you if you take advantage of the chimpanzee's emotional power – losing itself in itself and returning to unwanted actions that you tried to avoid (but the chimpanzee worked well). However, the chimpanzee will not always be active. If the situations are calm and prevented, then there will be no trouble and sleep; quietly. If you detect any threat, you can take control immediately. This can be anything from the driver to the upcoming demo that he is preparing. These seem to be dangerous to your health and well-being, and so the chimpanzee feels that you have to behave in some way to protect you. He will make a proposal and recommend it to man. Record the & quot; offer & # 39; – Do not command or force – but if you simply refuse the offer, the chimpanzee becomes even more excited, which makes you feel worse.

From the offer you must first take care of the chimpanzee and take care of what you need. It calms down. Whether you have to feel safe, whether to eat or anything, in a healthy, civilized way, you can ensure that both the chimpanzee and the chimpanzee. Then you have to do things to treat the chimpanzee if you relax a little. First, you can let it practice and unleash all the feelings you feel while you are exhausted. You can then throw chimpanzees by giving you the truth, because you are a little relaxed and now you accept the odd things better. Sometimes you can go straight there if you are calm, but often you have to leave your emotions and you have to kick it out first. Finally, there is a need to provide distractions or rewards to fully satisfy it; maybe you are doing something else to divert or consider the reward the chimpanzee wants, so you will first have to do the job.


Whatever it is to work with emotional chimpanzees. the brain is not against it – it overcomes itself in a fight. Learn when to take over and do something today. Managing chimpanzees is essential for continuous success.

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Is your temperature irregular? Then take an anger management class

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Have you ever felt a reduction? Someone who is starting to get into trouble with his relationship or professional life because of anger regulation? If this sounds like it is now, it's the best time to explore your options for accepting an anger class. These seats are easy to do in the privacy of your own home and make a big difference in your life, not only from an emotional point of view, but also from a physical point of view.

Workout is a kind of anger management that can help you relax. This does not mean you have to go to a sporty gym; all you have to do is take time out and walk down the corridor, for example around the building, or just a few times around the building to get fresh air, spend some built-in energy, breathe and relax.

Everyone recognizes the outbound signs of anger and often sees it as an angry outburst. However, many people are unaware of the inner anger involved. This kind of inner anger can result from emotional scarring as a divorce or the death of a loved one. Most people involved in anger counseling realize that they feel a much deeper pain than they originally believed and that they should continue to be involved in other forms of anger to deal with deeper emotions.

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