Stress is an emotional or mental tension that arises from demanding conditions. Before moving on, it is necessary to clarify a very common misunderstanding of this psychological state. Most of us think that stress is always harmful and has negative consequences that are far from the truth. In reality, stress can be good or bad, depending on how much the individual absorbs.

The moderate level of stress is positive, so-called EU stress. It is somewhat significant, as EU Stress causes us to do housework. While anxiety is a real criminal, which causes extremely high stress. So now you know someone is complaining about stress, then it's really anxiety you want to get rid of.

There are many physiological and psychological complications that are related to anxiety and the only good thing in this condition is that they can be cured. This is the first part of the trilogy of stress management techniques. Each article in the series provides three practical tips to treat stress and to have a happy life.

Stay a mile from nicotine, alcohol and caffeine

nicotine, alcohol and caffeine are a big issue. Nicotine and caffeine are key stimulants that increase the level of stress instead of reducing it. On the other hand, if it is consumed in small quantities, alcohol acts as a stimulant. Therefore, drinking alcohol is not a wise choice to alleviate stress. It is highly recommended to exchange alcoholic and decaffeinated drinks with fresh juice, herbs and water

Deep Breaths Always works!

Wondering why smoking is why people feel under stressful scenarios? Although true, nicotine found in tobacco is not responsible for reducing the level of stress. It is basically a smoking procedure, we must be grateful. You have to take a deep breath to inhale the smoke from a cigarette and then discard it with a long exhalation. This whole natural process ultimately helps to reduce stress, which can be easily accomplished without cigarettes.

The days when visiting shrinkage were a big deal. Now people have realized that rioting is a real problem and consulting a psychologist does not mean that a person is insane. So you do not feel trusted by experts who can provide valuable information and remedies for the problem.

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