Avoiding inanimate problems and obstacles is inevitable. The more you are looking for, the more likely you will be to solve the problems you are facing. Learn how to deal with the subconscious mind and work for you.

Your conscious self-consciousness is good for solving things that you can consciously remember about the solution and are already aware of the solution.

Most of the major problems are only perceived as problems because it is not easy to grasp a ready solution.

These are where the subconscious mind comes in.

Think as if they were online and off-line. Anything On-line & # 39; available and "conscious" at the given time. Anything off-line, & # 39; can not be accessed and thus "subconscious".

The wrong part of your mind is intense. You can consciously keep track of the 140-bit information per second, but research by psychologists shows you are aware of at least 2 million bits per second.

This is a great way of thinking behind the scenes!

Now – how can you translate problems and information and ideas into your subconscious mind and get clear, practical answers?

This variety of mental tricks can be implemented in a variety of ways, and these methods generally fall into two camps. One approach is to formulate the question, then divulge the conscious mind with some means or other means, and raise the awareness of aha pop.

This is a good example of this if you do not remember someone's name, so you try to remember and do something else. After a few moments he goes back to the recall.

To do this, you must clearly tell the mind of the subconscious, remember this name! You repeat this intention repeatedly in your mind and then quickly shift your focus to something that will completely fill your conscious attention with cars or spelling words backwards. The focus is not important and the name you are looking for will appear soon.

The other approach is to reassure your mind so that you can engage in a deeper level of mind and get clear communication.

This is a much stronger process and includes hundreds of applications

Here's the most important question for everyone – if I did this, how could I do it?

Whenever a problem arises, just enter the correct level of consciousness and ask for inputs. In general, you find that you are quick to get ideas that will help you quickly and efficiently perform the tasks you need.

By qualifying your requests, you can fine-tune the answer if you can do this and how can you do it? or if I can afford to learn / do it / do it, how can I do it?

Perhaps the best question for everyone, if I knew what the best question was, what would it be?

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