Sometimes I feel like I am a prisoner in a cage made of time and space. Because no matter how much I try to escape or go beyond these, even in my dream, come back to me. The cage has two additional elements. One of these (other elements) is the things that matter to us as our thinking or conviction, while the other is our expectation.

Most people are prone to past and future. Things that our friends, family members and loved ones have received or accepted as gifts have finally given us an impression of staying with us to our death so that we will never leave them or stay with them. On the other hand, the future – which only exists in our imagination – brings us a "waiting bundle" and the stack is different for each individual. We forget all of these "past things" and "future expectations" in present life.

Recovering old assets while getting rid of benefits, unusable (ie damaged or otherwise useless), and / or no longer using the long way to escape from the sense of possession. Because it would recognize the fact that "nothing is mine forever", which in turn gives the individuals a sense of freedom from the things they possess.

It is, however, incredibly difficult, sometimes seemingly impossible to give up expectations. Expectation usually means that we look forward to something happening for the sake of the individual or for the sake or waiting for someone to do something for her, to please or to satisfy her desire. All of our expectations must be based on the present and current situation. When you start things out instead of thinking; instead of the idea, the action begins, one finally gets its expectations. It often happens that thinking and thinking lead to unfounded assumptions.

Anger is usually caused by anticipation; the greater the expectation, the greater the anger intensity that the former caused (the zero expectation slows down any of the anger). So if we think about it, we can really control our anger, or at least manage it.

If we always focus on our expectations, then there is a chance that we will eventually be a person who only keeps the relationships he likes. If we continue on this line, there will be times when we become a completely self-centered person who is totally insensitive to the emotions or problems of other people or their particular situation or circumstances. Consequently, our relationships with others may be very fragile, like a glass that breaks in the slightest autumn; volatile; and short-lived. At times it crumbles with people, simply because they do not meet our expectations and do not look pleasant in our eyes. Well, you accept man in its entirety; that is, "in the whole of his being," and not as "a fragment of himself", ultimately reward him.

Instead of eliminating contact with others, we can do the opposite: the effort to build relationships with those who have interrupted us with their relationships. We must have such a broad and powerful heart as an ocean that is so deep that all the unpleasant and unpleasant things are drowned and disappear forever.

Nothing is unexpected and anything and everything is possible. So we need infinite mental flexibility and openness in order to fit whatever goes on our way. This means that we do not need a predetermined idea or, in other words, anything or anybody's expectation.

This may be related to the idea of ​​"presence". In the present, there is a perfectly flexible and open mind that can be formatted, shaped and transformed positively in response to current reflexes. Mental resilience or recipe can save relationships alone or help us overcome an unpleasant and / or unpleasant situation

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