With all its wonders, darkness and silence, and I've learned whatever it is in my condition. Helen Keller

He's always been impressed with the wisdom and depth of Helen Keller's words. Here is someone who is blind and deaf – lacking the two most important physical sources of feeling and awareness – who was able to "see and hear" beyond what is normal for human beings. His vision and insight and ability to hear humanity in his dark and quiet world remind us that our humanity must not be restricted.

"Everything is Your Admiration" – in every situation the unknown. Our human condition can cause pain and dread on our brain's canvases. We can only count on the worst – only what our shame and separation "deserve"

. "I wonder how terrible things will happen to me." Pre-recorded, programmed messages from our brain's filters that tell us, "It's coming – and it will be bad!"

How to get "wonder" from here? 19659002 Shame and guilt are the results of unbundling and the abandonment of others. Our brains were programmed like this. Changing this must be linked – intimately – to a higher presence – to the "God" of our life experience. In this connection we can begin to accept the "vision of God" that is and we are. His and his vision of life and ours are very different from ours – a miracle and awaited joy – wondering what we are going to do, just as a parent watches his infant little child. [19659002] "Even in the Darkness and the Silence" Perhaps more precisely, in the darkness and in the silence, we begin to experience the depth of the true miracle. We often embarrass the world's voices and illumination lights so that every possible miracle is overwhelmed by mere exaggeration.

In fact, I experience that we must return and return to the basics of darkness and the silence to find the miracle, the presence and the hope. From this spiritual darkness comes another light that only our heart sees – a silent sound that only sounds in our hearts – silently.

The irony is that the human brain is programmed to avoid and condemn the darkness and silence as if it were a vicious plague. It is time to get spiritual enlightenment and presence that resounds our being in the dark and silent womb of ignorance – wisdom and intimacy that is not known.

As soon as we begin to live in this new conception – with these new spiritual senses – we begin to see and hear past what the brain speaks of, happiness and tranquility, and ultimately love, presence and wonder. ready to do it! "

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