When talking about insurance, we refer to all kinds of risks. Therefore, insurance policy is only one way of sharing their risks with people of similar risk.

Insurable Risks

Secured risks are risks where risks are characterized by risks where risks are not provided or provided by the insurer because it is possible to collect, calculate and estimate future losses. Insurance risks include historical statistics that serve as a basis for estimating the premium. It eliminates the loss, but no profit. Risks can be predicted and measured, for example. motor insurance, maritime insurance, life insurance, etc.

This type of risk is when the chance of occurrence can be deduced from the information available about the frequency of similar past events. Examples of how a safe risk can be explained:

1. Example: The probability (or chances) of a vehicle being in an accident in 2011 (the total vehicle provided in 2011) can be estimated from the number of vehicles involved in accidents in the previous years ).

2nd Example: The probability (or probability) that a particular age (or woman) dies in the year of insurance can be estimated by reference to the proportion of each age that has been lost in some previous years

No Unsecured risks are the risks that the insurer refuses to provide simply because the expected future losses can not be estimated and calculated. Keeps Prospects for Profit and Loss. The risk is unpredictable and can not be measured. Example1: The likelihood that demand for a commodity will decline next year due to a change in consumer taste will be difficult to estimate, is not available

second Example: The possibility that a current manufacturing technique will become obsolete or obsolete due to technological progress

-secure risks:

1. God's actions: Every danger to a natural disaster that is termed God's act, such as

. Earthquake

b. War

c. Flood

It should be noted that any building, property or life insurance that is lost in any of the acts of God (listed above) can not be compensated with an insurer. This non-affordability also applies to radioactive contaminants.

Gambling: You can not guarantee your chance of losing gambling. Loss of profits through the tournament: You can not guarantee the odds of winning or loss in a tournament. Introduction of a new product: A new product launcher can not ensure the chances of accepting a new product because it was not marketed. The loss of bad or inefficient management: The ability of a body to manage successfully depends on many factors, and profit / loss depends on the reasonable utilization of these factors, one of which is effective management capability. In-body loss can not be ensured as a result of inefficiency

. Poor business: A bad business should know its success is likely. Ensure the Insurance Provider's Insurance Option

7. Loss of profit as a result of declining demand: Demand for goods changes over time and other factors. The insurer will never guarantee the loss expected due to the decline in demand

. Speculation: This is a business that offers significant profits but offers the possibility of a loss. A typical example of stocks, wealth, and so on. An investment or practice, in the hope of profit, an increase or decrease in market value, but a possibility of loss. This can not be guaranteed because there is no risk.

ninth Opening a New Business / Office: Opening a new store can not provide a risk. You do not know what to expect from the new store; it is illogical for the insurer to accept the new store.

10th Fashion change: Fashion is a trend that can not be predicted. Any change in fashion can not be guaranteed. Fashion can not be assured because the elements of the fashion item can be outdated at any time.

eleventh Vehicle Offenses: You can not get an insurance policy against the expected fines for offenses on wheels.

It should be noted, however, that there is no clear difference between the risks to be assured and the risks that can not be ensured. Theoretically, the insurer must be prepared to provide something if he pays a sufficiently high fee. However, the difference is useful for practical purposes.

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