Your friend looked at you with the utmost nervousness after the terrible reason you broke. Without saying a word to you, he just stepped out and you have not seen him since. But you've been thinking a lot. You still love and want to get back. There are signs that your friend hates you, you have to look for him and what would you be?

First of all, the fact that the exe has given you a dirty look before leaving you does not necessarily mean you hate it. Arguing has caused a lot of bad feelings between you and just as painful, angry and confused as you are.

If you feel that this is negative to you, there are certain signs to take care of before you contact him. For example, if you are at a mall and question what's your reaction? Does he smile for you before he or he starts to flinch you and turn away? If he is the first, this is certainly not one of the signs his ex-boyfriend hates.

If you sent him text messages, replies or simply ignored your message? If you get feedback on it, this is not one of the signs your ex-boyfriend hates. If you felt strongly about it, you would not do that.

What your friends say to your friends can be very good signs that the ex feels about you. Do you say very nice things about you and tell your friends that you miss or tell things that are really offensive? If you say positive things about you, you can exclude this as a sign your ex-boyfriend hates.

The ex would not mention his name to your friends if you do not like it – simply ignore the fact that he knows you at all and probably tell your friends he wants to completely forget you. The thing is that the ex continues to hurt after the eruption and what he said to him was probably very angry.

If that's the case, you will not see any signs your old friend hates. You just need a little time to get through the pain and anger and get in touch with him to talk things out.

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