No matter what we plan to take in life, there are times when some things can be stressed, fractured, and straightforward fears can slow down. At this time, we strive to inspire our friends, mentors or, in the case of quotations, famous people who have similar tricks and tribulations. A good quotation can make miracles and resolve … the power of words can have a great impact on the spiritual outlook. Here are some short inspirational quotes that personally helped me in different situations, hopefully they will help you too.

1) Try not to become a successful person but a valuable person. [Albert] Einstein

I like this quote because it always wonders what the ends are with those I do. When I realized what I'm doing, will it be happy to see how others will recognize it? Am I completely happy with myself? I think it is important to evaluate what you are doing; wherever you have a positive impact on yourself and you are. I think the simple test would be the "grandmother" test. Will you tell your grandmother what are you doing? Would you be proud of it? If you do not answer these questions, you may be re-evaluating what you are doing.

2) No doubt you will, but never yourself. [Christian] Nestell Bovee

To get anything in life, you have to believe in yourself. No matter what they say about you, no matter how many people think that some people think of your ideas – you must first believe them and yourself, with a whole heart or believe that no one else will.

3) Do not wait for more options. Get common opportunities and make them great. – Orison Swett Marden

If there is anything I've learned in life, opportunities will come very rarely. You have to go out and have your opportunities to be created. Often times, fear leads us to not go away and find an opportunity to keep ourselves in the familiar and the long wait and rent. Go out and make your own big break – power exists in all of this.

4) Happy are those who dream dreams and are willing to pay for the price to be realized. – Leon J. Suenes

There is no successful person who has not started a dream. Successful dreams are great and they are committed to the dream come true. You face hard work, probably even with rejection, but you have to keep up the track. You have to believe in your dream so enthusiastically that you will not literally leave anything, or no one can stop it until it reaches its goal. Successful people are through difficult times … they learn from them. All the failures that he has to face as growth opportunities. Learn about your mistakes and apply what you need to learn what you are doing in advance. Do this midset and there is nothing to stop.

5) Missing 100% of the shots you do not take away. – Wayne Gretzky

It goes without saying that if he does not try at least, he will never know what he can do. Climb your fears and go there and try … you may be surprised. You do not want to know how to go back to things in twenty years and wonder what would have been. Live life without regret. The worst thing possible to do is not succeed … but we have already established that this can be a source of personal growth, right? What are you waiting for? Get out there and let your passion be loose. You owe yourself to yourself and the world is the highest of you!

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