What was the decisive reflection of the movement of wheels on the spiritual path of society we are currently involved with?

In my opinion, the age limit occurred in the early 1960s when a large-scale society decided to move from mainstream thinking and behavior. The numbers spread in word form and were called "1960s", free of all time, Love, Drug and Rock and Roll.

Anyone who is turning around this time will remember that the change in the thinking process of the people involved was drastic and very fast. The momentum was unstoppable.

What brought it all in the decisive moment of history?

It's a common idea to agree that the spark, which ignited everything, is "There's more to life". It is a whole short version of it, and it really needs to understand the full meaning behind it, and it has to involve the thought patterns of society.

It's easy to see that the word "more" does not give us an insight as this can mean anything from adventure to money. That is why the thinking of society needs to be explored. In the early 1960's, most people simply get up in the morning and are working to earn enough income to buy the material things they are designed to believe.

It was the idea that you do not need to get more from the next person to recognize the "more" in society as a contributor. I allow the launch of free love and the path of spiritual development to the narcotics is not an ideal way to get started, but it was a beginning to protect society from an alertness and thinking mind.

Society simply behaved like a child living in his home, with very strict rules. At the moment when the child is released from the rules, his hair is lowered to the attempt to taste the previously prohibited fruits, but in time he gets sick from the new direction and settles down. There is no difference here when we look at the behavior of society in the 1960s.

Society once settled from the initial outbreak and realized that the "more" they are looking for, not the freedom, but rather the discovery and development of the capabilities to be the most important ones. "more". This new pattern of thought was confirmed by the recognition that it is a coincidence that, when necessary, takes place in a lot of times, it directs us in directions that were only thoughts and desires before.

This cave provides additional power to "more" by concentrating attention on the idea that if these coincidences occur when needed or who control them. This, in turn, brave the rise of the thought – if one controls them, how much influence should be chosen or created. And that can be boldly raised – If we can influence or influence these coincidental coincidences, our benefit, how to accomplish it, and how to learn art or ability.

And so the snowball started on the hill, and it took momentum as well as the movement in the direction of spiritual development.

As you can see, we should not judge the direction society or the individual simply uses the nominal value. For the sake of development, it is certainly more beneficial if we find the lever of the movement and create the silver lining from any situation we meet.

You see nothing is going to cut your pace faster than a negative attitude. If you can not think of any other reason to remain positive, your personal development needs to have the driving force, or even over your eyes, and can remain in the portfolio that does not take the initial step towards decision-making and development .

You are the one who controls yours, not the people around you. Never be afraid of people to decide to follow the path of spiritual development.

Remember: "Every trip starts one step." Take this step and take your life along the way.

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