Many parents of young athletes are rather worried and worried because the kids are disappointed and losing their basketball court, tennis court, baseball court, soccer field, golf course, soccer field or ice hockey

The appearance of severe anger or frustration damages children who are involved in these acts and can be very confused about teams, coaches, parents, spectators, and sports in general. The media had some alarming examples of losing kids, parents and coaches.

Before deciding what kind of help you need, I usually ask the following types of questions:

1. Does your child work in other environments, such as school or home, or in a sports environment or a passion?

2. Did your child have been subjected to any acts of violence or loss of temperament in your home or family?

3. What did you do to check your child's behavior?

4. What does it seem to work and what did not happen? Why?

5. Is there any history of depression, drug use, or alcohol consumption in your family?

6. Do other children have angry problems?

7. Many frustrations precede frustration. If so, what does the child irritate or interfere with?

8. Is it beyond sports and school pressure?

9. Does your youth feel too much pressure on the coach or parents?

10. Solving this problem may include anger training, counseling, changing sporting attitudes, counseling to improve sports performance, team building if the problem with personal conflicts is with teammates, coaches, and child intervention to prevent further outbreaks order. In addition, angry outbursts may be signs of underlying sadness, anger or depression. Do not hesitate to assist you professionally if you and your child have such dangerous emotions.

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