Sports psychology, anger management in sports: Why are some athletes?

I recently appeared in ABC Good Morning America. One producer asked me to comment on the recent violent acts of Ranger and Islander hockey.

In the past, I was dealing with violence and I was interviewing the British Broadcasting Company on this topic. This latest act, however, has made me think more about what this vicious behavior is and what can be done to prevent it from happening again.

I think some athletes who are violently behaving in badly-functioning families where violence, cruelty, drug abuse, and chaos have been exposed. These types of environments do little to promote the development of properties such as kindness and empathy.

Some aggressive athletes are currently using drugs, alcohol and / or steroids to aggravate the situation, which can increase their inner anger. violence is due to the fact that many athletes have failed to learn the direction of their emotions because they have been devoted so much time to master their masters, which is sport. In short, they are physically talented, but emotionally rather undeveloped and immature.

Many sports such as football and hockey have been violent to them, and athletes have in some cases rewarded them as hard and very physical competitors. Sometimes it is difficult to control an individual's aggressiveness if something is allowed, acknowledged and rewarded

The highest athletes are highly regarded in our society and sometimes receive special treatment, special support and special attention during their formative years. This "special treatment" can cause a sense of greatness that causes some athletes to feel "over the law" and are not prone to punishment. As a result, they are difficult to think about the consequences of their actions.

Some athletes may suffer from a number of psychiatric illnesses such as intermittent explosive, opposition disadvantages, depression or narcissistic personality disorder. People suffering from this type of illness may have problems in fighting their anger and are in difficulties because of other people's feelings. Violating others can not bother them, as most of us can disrupt. Players of this type can be quite dangerous on the track and outside the pitch.

It should also be recalled that athletes in human beings and violent action on the playing field can lead to uncertainty that is another aspect of their lives. Conflict with your wife or lover can be a bad day for an athlete in their "office", a court or playground.

Some athletes are shot by the crowd and fans. Like rock stars and performers, some sports stars are fed by the attention and the adoration of a large number of people. The highest athletes can catch fans' enthusiasm and lose their emotions and behaviors.

Leagues help minimize sport violence by stricter and rigorous sanctioning of violent acts. I helped many athletes guide them with the technique of anger management, meditation, visualization, and self-hypnosis. These programs must be involved in a number of organized sports programs. And it is probably a good idea to start these kind of young trainers while the athletes are in their formative years.

Athletes with violent behavior should be evaluated and appropriate mental health counseling should be sought. Some leagues can withstand these interventions, but I think these programs are essential to minimizing the violence of sport.

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