SRAM has once again designed one of the most exciting parts of cyclists, the SRAM Black-Red. After the fantastic limited LTE Red, SRAM experienced that the new Black-Red team launched in 2011 could be more successful than its predecessor.

In the new black and traditional silver options, SRAM Black-Red features fantastic new features of the new anodized surface that includes previously unavailable graphics upgrades and many other incredible elements.

From the successful MTB line, the new black anodised surface, SRAM, Blast black creates not only fresh looking links but also creates a robust group cluster.

The SRAM Black-Red 2011 features standard brake calipers with Swiss stops with GHP-2 composite cushions and a yellow-Swiss Stop-Carbon frame.

The SRAM Black-Red fantastic upgrade is the latest gearbox with an easy-to-use screw. Unlike earlier versions that encountered difficulties, SRAM has introduced the available screwdriver.

Similarly, SRAM introduced the steel cage to the front mech for Black-Red. While the rear mech is very similar to the previous groups, the normal carbon rear frame and the ceramic wheel box, but has a small aesthetic upgrade with laser engraved H and L adjusting signals.

SRAM Black-Red 2011 is available in a number of different options, one of the most spectacular is the back cover of a one-piece OpenGlide cartridge available in black anodised finish. This allows contestants to create a complete, stealthy appearance of the entire bright black group finish.

SRAM has gained a great reputation in the bicycle world and has produced a number of excellent products that are now coming from rave all over the world. This group is really a precedent among competitors and it will be hard to beat. At the time of writing this article, the SRAM group package can be purchased from a large number of online wholesale retailers up to 1,000 pounds.

Comments from bikers already bought this year were very positive. They include quotes such as "This is the best value group I've ever bought" and "I've been offering a strong, trusted and trusted group package for my teams." The first comment slightly exceeds people because people often do not buy groups, but the second is good approval.

All in all, not only is this grouping a real pleasure to look at beautiful aesthetics, but it's a good price you get.

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