They have long been discussing the adverse effects of computer games on individuals. They said that this kind of game occupy a great time of the individual's time without offering a positive reward or in other words, without any good impact on the whole of human life. It was also argued that computer games as a main result limit people's interaction with the virtual world and thus lead to isolation

Yet one side of computer games that did not receive proper attention is education. Computer games, and especially strategic computer games like SimCity or Age of Empires have been designed to attack the human brain and find new ways to solve difficult problems. Players are placed in real life situations or situations and are free to choose what they want to do. Without taking the right steps and making the right decisions, the player can not move to the next level, can not be evaluated. These games are designed to help players think, find new solutions, evaluate them, and choose the most appropriate ones. In addition, it forces the player to face the consequences of their actions and redefine them if they do not meet all the requirements or make the right choices.

This means that many features of the brain take advantage of it. A player must be able to learn (rules of the game, situations and some of their answers, etc.), Solve problems and puzzles, evaluate different options, choose between one another and be patient enough to restart the game whenever you are he has suffered several tasks.

Undoubtedly, strategic computer games really possess the ability to work in the brain for hours. Intellectual activity means an increased IQ value, from which we can conclude that it is really useful in the development of intellectual abilities. So if you want to increase your IQs favorably, these games are a great alternative to chess and puzzles, but not enough.

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