If you want to learn how to fight for real or self-defense capabilities to make your life, you need to develop the right mind. There is a large number of self-defense courses that do not deal with the fact that the average man learning self-defense has never been in a street fight and does not know what to expect.

This applies to martial arts schools that teach self-defense. Many instructors have never been in a real fight and do not know how to fight in a real situation where there is no need to choose the time or the environment. Let's look at some of the factors we face in a street fight or in a self-defense situation that are completely different from the classroom.

1) An attacker is not in any way a friend or a coach, but a person he knows well but attacks. Statistics show that approximately 75% of attackers are known to the victims.

2) There is no illegal tactics or parts of the body that you can hit.

3) There is no attacker or trainer for controlling the attack and achieving goals.

4) You are probably not fully prepared mentally or physically for attack – there is no time to calm down or go through a mental preparatory program.

5) You do not get the environment to make sure there is nothing you pass through or with what you hit.

6) Weapons are often used.

7) The offender may be guilty.

8) You can see the adrenal dump, which greatly affects the use of complex techniques and fine motion movements. You can freeze it.

9) Your mind is confused if you are a gentle kind of person who is never looking for trouble and does not use the evil mindset to just hurt you; as research shows that most people do not want to know how others are hurt.

Once we recognize these factors, we understand the techniques and training methods we need to learn and strive to create effective street fighting skills, because self-protection can be real or outside the audited environment street fighting.

When you learn to fight, you really need to break the adrenal stress on the street. I highly recommend carrying out a self-defense training course with which an adrenal stress-conditioning component has been incorporated. Simple, fast and brutal techniques in different environments to perform functional efficiency.

You need to develop a completely focused mental set that commits itself to a relentless attack and does not provide for the offensive well-being. Self-defense actions should be handed over until the attacker neutralizes and, if there is a cohort, they are placed on a psychological backbone, notice that they have attacked the bad guy and are seriously injured when they come.

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