Think of everything that has happened in the world in recent years: 9/11 and thousands have lost their lives, terrorists who live and breathe to take liberty, hurricanes that have completely taken over the foundation of many states, mud slides , which destroyed the homes and floods that killed and destroyed the earthquakes, which erupted all the cities, riots and armed men who were terrorizing the people, the war that was escorting every day and the list resumed. Hundreds of people have been promoted and forced to move elsewhere to take their lives and deal with the more stressed world of millions.

Like someone who has been in more crisis? such as the baby, up to 4 weeks after being placed in the hospital for 28 weeks, in NYC on 9 September, as a result of which I lose my business and 2 leaves from the state in the past 5 years. I know a bit about trauma survival and stress management.

Hard. Shakes his head, but that can happen.

Here's what I can expect: I thought it could take up to 3 months, because numbness really runs out and stress has hit. It overturns like a flooded feeling, then the nerves begin to take over, then POW. Full blown TENSION.

I remember when Oklahoma people participated in TV counseling for NYC residents after September 11th. They said they did not worry about them immediately, but after a year. I remember hearing this, and I did not know exactly what it meant. Then I did. Christmas on 9 September was the worst in history for everyone I knew about. After talking to my friends in NY, they all admitted that coexistence with the family during the holiday season was full of anger, fights and losing. Everyone seemed happy to return to their nest after the holidays. I remember that. My sister and I were the biggest blow in our lives. My parents had to relay and remember that I regret some things I said.

Stress strikes families. Parents struggle and the children are suffering. Kids go to school and have other people to do it. Since we're all in touch, we get everyone.

First, recognize that everyone is through their own personal trauma. Tell everyone who has experienced some difficulty that will happen. Take care not to stop.

Then look for those who have gone through a change to seek advice. If you come from a friend, a specialist, a priest, or a rabbi, then anyone gets HELP. It helps to talk about what happened. If someone says the words, hope can be made. The worst thing is to try to deal with stress and pressure internally. That is, people are snap! Let's build stress and POP. Natural. Think of a balloon. It can only handle as much air as you can until it stops. People are the same.

Hard practice must be part of every day. Aggression by running, walking, weight lifting, or punching a pouch is a very therapeutic thing.

And most importantly, spiritual support is the most important. We know that God understands our fears, our pains and our pains. If you have to deal too much, read the scriptures that can give you so much comfort and then give it to God. Then let him go and believe that He is working. He can give us ideas that can help solve our problems. He can bring people to our path that can help us according to our needs and think about us when our brain seems frozen.

Our world is currently in a boiling pot. People's relationships and life are endangered by too many occupations. It is time to reach others if they are comforting comfort and peace now.

All you have to do is ask your neighbors, "How are you?" If you see these people, you find people who are in need of it. Then God can do a good job for you.

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