Although most of them are considered high tech leashes for mobile phones or bags, they may also be useful as creative uses.

1) Voicemail – Voicemail is typically part of mobile phone technology or domestic landline technology. Most of us have a slow, factual and short voicemail message. We were so relieved that we did not have to face the person we called to move in the message. The time to get a good message is that the feeling of confrontation will not appear in your voice and the availability of the person you call will be more positive. The use of voicemail reference information may be for later use.

2) Email – Email is part of the technology of our computers, but some people send e-mails to their mobile phones. Learning the right way to express the e-mail message will show you the availability. People think that they can use an email instead of personal conversations to save time, remember that stress is generated from badly selected words. Always consider the consequences when choosing the form of communication.

3) Mobile Phones – Mobile phones are great for communicating with and communicating with people. With this tool, the user's responsibility is to respect the rights of the called people. Some people become accentuated because they feel they should always answer their phone, even in the bathroom. Cell phones are still comfortable, they have every right to turn off or not to answer the call. It is very empowering if you feel faced or not in mood.

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