Response to stress is a consistent part of our everyday life. To deal with it affects emotions and bodies. Our health can be jeopardized by continuous stress reactions. Continuous stress can affect tranquility and physical vitality. This can damage our bodies and may lead to physical symptoms and problems, including anxiety and depression.

Our mind can help calm down or increase stress. Our organs can lead the reactions to healthy outputs or keep an alarm condition. Working with stress requires energy. Every day we have to face it, and how we handle it is extremely important to our whole being – the body, the soul, and the soul.

What are you doing when you're stressed? How calm is it? Do you use alcohol to help relax? Do you enjoy foods high in sugar and fat to calm down? What about hiding the hours of television? These solutions can sometimes give us more stress and problems. There are other ways to help. We can calm ourselves and maintain a peaceful state of mind and a healthy body when: [1]. Practice calm and calm.

You can learn to soothe relaxation exercises such as deep breathing, biofeedback, prayer, meditation, and progressive muscle relaxation. It is an extremely effective way of activating the relaxation response to breathe deeply.

2. Work calm.

Take a warm bath. Get a massage. Walk. Look at the sunset. Enjoy your hobbies. Listen to the music. She sings. Dance. Laughter. Exercise. Physical activity is a great way to burn stress chemicals.

3. Eat healthy.

Our brain chemistry controls what we eat. High protein and complex carbohydrate diets provide the healthy body and soul nutrition. Proper vitamins, minerals and antioxidants keep each other in balance and help shape our immune system.

4. Detox is the body and the mind.

Remove unhealthy foods high in sugar, caffeine and fat. Clean the body from bad toxins, bad food, chemicals, and the environment. Clear the minds of poisonous feelings and piercing thinking. & # 39;

5. Think Healthy and Positive.

A healthy soul works on the body. If our thinking is positive and hopeful, it affects our whole being. This famous saying goes well: Good lifestyle helps keep a healthy picture.

6. Keep in touch with others.

We are about to make contact. Relationships are a source of love, support, and purpose for life. Keeping in touch with others and building relationships can help us cope better with stress and calm down in the storms of life. It includes not only the body, but the mind and the spirit and not just today's pain or pleasure, but the prospect of the whole being and a man C2008, by Krystal Kuehn

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