Time management is a great illusion. We often talk about managing our time as simple as the next steps are, and I think in some way. We all know we can not recover the loss. So, in order to do more than one day's work, you can decide that the multi-task task is the answer. But this will lead to bad weather and stress.

Do you think you can do three things at one time? If you do not even think so much. Any attempt to do that is stupid. Too many tasks are attempted at the same time to cause the same catastrophe as mistakes, disturbances, not to mention the excessive stress and the anxiety of holding 3 bullets at the same time.

7 Reasons to Avoid Multiple Working Time Bad Businesses

1. Implementing multiple tasks or projects at once by overloading and creating incomplete projects
2. The idea of ​​more than one project causes mistakes and misstatement at a given time
3. It causes pain and frustration as a "real" development [4] 4. It often causes a crowded desk and a crowded thought
5. Lacks creativity while trying to keep tasks in their own mind, there is no place for creativity
6. Projects keep on focusing longer
7. Reasons to Feel Better and Worry

Here are some ways to be more effective in time.

Brain dump, everything described. After writing on paper, you begin to transfer tasks to a calendar. Write it with pencil so you can easily change it. Keep a small notebook nearby. Instead of trying to remember everything you need, enter it in your notebook. Keep a calendar that combines work and personal events and tasks to make sure you do not forget about anything. When completing the tasks, use the yellow marker to select the task to indicate that it is completed. If you find that you can not finish the job on a given day, re-type the task for a new date.

If you find that you have moved your job to three different dates because it is not completed, you can decide whether the task is important, whether you need to complete it or become part of a long-term commitment. Finally, decide whether to postpone and, if so, figure out why and decide what to do.

Is work too big? What would you do if you got smaller pieces? Often, why we can not finish the task because the task seems terrible and overwhelmed. The most appropriate way for the project is to list all the items in the task. For example, if you clean the task in the bedroom, you should list the bedroom to which attention is paid. Component components are listed in the list of components – in this case the list should be explicitly cleaned. In this case, you can find cleaning the bedroom becomes lightweight because while performing the tasks on the list you will find cleansing your bedroom will be easy as you handle one area at a time.

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