The body wants nutrition for only one reason – fuel. If we all listened to our body, there was never a problem with nutrition or weight. Unfortunately, our minds are generally responsible for making decisions when and when to eat.

Stress response not only indicates how much and how often we eat; it also affects what we want to eat. The strong aromas and aromas of sugar, caffeine and high-fat foods quickly distort the disturbances and short energy. Unfortunately, energy is short-lived, as these foods generally contain little nutritional value. If the body nourishes the desire, and the mind continues to respond to comfortable meals, it will usually be a vicious cycle that is to over-consumption.

Recently, a lot of attention has been paid to the relationship between food and mood – what you eat and how you feel. One of the most important biochemical reactions in your stress is something called serotonin. Serotonin is a naturally occurring chemical in your brain.

Vitamins play an important role in treating stress. Some of the vitamins C, E, A and B are called antioxidants, and are believed to have strong healing, sedative and anti-aging properties. As a general rule, the choice of as many foods as possible is:

– Vitamin E Fruits, Fruits, Eggs
– Vitamin A foods for yogurt, eggs, carrots, leafy vegetables
– Vitamins C all fruits and vegetables,
– Vitamin B foods beans, lentils, nuts

Whatever foods have an immediate impact on the calm state, experimental question, some immediate, others take 30 minutes and if you have any doubts about it, I suggest trying the following: spend a whole day just raw vegetables and fruits are eaten, it will be relaxed and relaxed after 12 o'clock. Vitamins B and Vitamin C Amine is an excellent source of stress for all useful vitamins 9659002] – Banana – In order to properly handle stress, you must maintain the right balance between salt and potassium foods such as bananas.

– Chicken contains large amounts of vitamin E, B2 At and D

– Wheat germ – Large quantities of potassium source

Large amounts of vitamin E

– Oats – rich source of vitamin B2

your line is to eat your way to a relaxed, stress-free life. Choose wisely.

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