Speaking is about having a stress and knocking on the spine. You've been thinking about why you're giving a word when the words come quickly and angrily. Or when he speaks of an accident, his words get to him quickly. It's so fast that he has to repeat himself because he has left the words and sometimes he has spoken all the sentences. Stress accelerates the rhythm of your speech and shortens the space between your words.

This is a sure sign of nervousness. If you experience anxiety, you will probably have a negative impact on the presentation. Although you can see that this negative effect only makes things worse, you can not usually change your mind. The negative effect then becomes even stronger. Only then can you find a way to eliminate the effect of this negative cycle in which you can control speech.

The results of this fast, alarming speech pattern will find that you make the mistakes you desperately try to avoid. This anxiety is unnecessary, but it can not be avoided when they look to occupy and perfect. The harder it is to try the more unnatural and tighter presentation and make more mistakes. Seven stress signals before and during speech

1. Talking confused and embarrassed during a conversation

2. Feel your constant fear of forgetting what you've said

3. Faster breathing before speaking

4. If you make a mistake, you will not be able to concentrate

5. Feel your heart crashes faster when you show it

6. You're so nervous about giving a speech, forgetting what you know

So how do you stay calm? It may not be easy but feasible. Here are 7 soothing tips.

first Prepare your lectures and speech well in the knowledge of your material

2. Eat well, do not become too hungry or full

3. Short personal routine before speech, for example, a short prayer, 1 minute meditation, and your intention to provide information

4. Take a deep breath and smile before talking.

5th If you're confused about catching up, thinking about drinking a sip of water and smiling and saying something simple like "keep on going" this is an easy way to relax and catch your mind. Focus for a Moment for a Friendly Face

7. Leave yourself off the hook. Remember that people are rooted and know that we are all human. So do not beat yourself for mistakes. No mistakes are just learning experiences.

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