Whenever I've been watching TV for some news, I always find many incidents that portray a sudden death of many young people and say they are "not known". When we deeply try to interpret the cause of such early deaths, doctors say Brain stroke. This word starts to rub a lot nowadays because I've practically seen my own student who died only 3 months ago.

His name was A. Swapna, he continued his MBA II semester at our college. Suddenly he came to the coma without illness. Later, doctors said they were dead: "This is the result of stress that causes brain nerves to exert pressure, which is the brain stroke." What is stress on a 21-year-old girl? "When I asked a little about his personal life, I found out that he was struggling with a single mother left by his father, and there was not a man to care for him with a bad life.

also shows examples of people who are at least 12 in the industry, They work for 13 hours a day, telling them 8 hours of paper, putting pressure on their work, not giving them time to their family and doing good, but no less space for them, and ultimately suicide. I'm really curious that people do all this fame and money, and if that is the reason why why? Why commit suicide? 19659002] Simply imagine people who handle such problems as children, teenagers, young people, middle-aged people and the whole planet lives on this earth, is cast, religion, religion and nationality. We must find a way to we cope with the so-called bug. But we are implementing the ways we can handle these situations, while reading the content of books and web pages to solve the problem.

We need to look at the things around us. First, we have to look at what we are doing to be happy, happy or not? If it is not the answer, then the first thing to follow is your heart. THE BEST METHOD OF STRESS CHANGE AS WELL AS YOUR WORK AND WHAT ARE IN OURSELVES. IF YOU FOOD AND TO FIND THE PERFORMANCE IN THE WORKING WORK, THAT YOU ARE THE YEAR OF LIFE.

Lifestyle for no reason, your whole life is not interested in studying a course that is not in your own interest, choosing a bad partner who can not control your emotions, bad societies are life that leads to stress. If we can avoid all negative energy, we will succeed in the task called "STRESS BURSTING"

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