"Would you like to have a ton of carbon or diamonds?"

This is the first question I asked to start my stress management seminar: "Diamond is nothing more than a lot of carbon that can handle stress well."

There seem to be some interesting misconceptions about stress in our lives. The most common thing is that stress is avoided in all respects, and true happiness is completely stress free.

This is not true in the real world. If you do not believe me, look at the results of the stress study on performance. In the study, participants were instructed to look at trains on a train and write a five-digit number on the train side. First, the trains came slowly, and then accelerated until the numbers were moving in a blur. The researchers then counted the number of errors when copying numbers on the train. Here are the results – when the trains were very fast, there were many mistakes as expected. The interesting thing is that there were so many mistakes when the trains went slow. The best result was when the trains moved at a moderately fast pace

One of the lessons learned in this study is that a certain amount of stress that we treat properly not only does not harm us but is the optimum

Back to the question, with which I started this column – "Do you want a piece of coal or a diamond?" There are questions, beliefs and actions that are associated with a lot of carbon and there are questions, beliefs and actions that are associated with being a diamond. Let's look at each category more closely.

Coal Questions and Expectations

Why is this always happening to me? A good sacrifice question that takes away your power to do anything about the situation.

This can not happen, not fair! Another victim is a hit. The same result – no power or strength changes.

If stressful, you should not do it. Then maybe not much because the stress indicates that you are still alive. The worst thing to do with stress management. An old quotation helps us understand why we are doing this – "If we are in our aligators, it's hard to remember that his original intention was to lower the swamp!"

Taking off with others. Stress seems to sink down the hill to other people around us.

becomes "stressful". Stress freezes our creativity and our sense of humor and gets stuck.

Diamond questions and beliefs

How can I do this for me? Another old quotation applies here – "If life is yours with lemon, the only winning choice is lemonade." Though this voice is too nice and simple, think for a moment. Simply put the question: "how can I do this job for me?" I open my mind to the opportunities we have and creative decisions

I can handle. When stress is like treating diamonds, this is the term "champions". An even better phrase: "How many ways can I handle and enjoy the process?"

Diamond Actions

Achieving Complete Life and Purpose. Stress management allows you to live well.

Treatment of stress resistance. Considering stress as a challenge allows us to be proactive and creative in the design of "diamond lifetime".

Stress creation for you. One of the simplest ways to do stressful work for you. Action allows you to sharpen your skills and become a diamond. Now, just to be clear – am I saying stress is always good for you? Of course not. There are certain types of stresses as well as certain times in our life when the healthiest thing is to remove ourselves from the source of stress.

Do I say there are ways we can deal with stress in our lives, working for us that allows us to survive instead of surviving? You bet that I am!

A lot of carbon or a diamond. Which one will be for you?

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