Stress has become a silent killer of today's peoples. There are many different types of stressors that people may suffer; and these tensions wreak havoc on the well-being of people so much that they become victims of certain physical and mental illnesses. The focus is on work, family relationships, financial problems, educational problems, appearance of the body, physical condition of the body, etc. Results. There are so many stressors that are difficult to discuss in one chapter.

Simply stress can be defined as the state when a certain aspect of the human body – whether physical or mental – is exacerbated beyond a certain limit. There may be many consequences for people, such as: –
Inspiration, frustration and feelings of depression
Raising blood cholesterol and blood pressure that may cause fatal cardiovascular disease
is an organism that becomes vulnerable to other
Reduction of the person's intellectual capacity

Because there are different types of stress situations and can be solved by different methods, we study them individually. Emotional Stress

This stressful emotional issues caused by relationships, including conflicts, romantic rejection, separation and even death. The magnitude of emotional stress depends on a person. All this depends on being emotionally balanced.

Emotional stress usually affects the heart and brain. This can change the individual's eating and sleeping habits. Most emotionally disturbed people are over-dimming their brains by constantly thinking about the issue.

From Ayurvedic point of view, emotional stress was classified into Sadhaka pitta vitiation category. This is pitta dosha al-dosha, which provides for the functioning of the heart.

The following nutrition points can be considered to reduce emotional stress: – [Sweet Foods Balance Balance] Food and Nutrition

# Before bed at night, drink a cup of warm milk with some pink essence and sympathy.

# Use cooling spices such as cardamom, coriander and mint in your diet.

# Get a good head massage with coconut oil or sandalwood oil.

# They contain bitter and stupid foods in the diet.

# Do not stay late at night. Mental Stress

Mental stress occurs when a person overexploits the mind or misuses it. This is also called negative stress or anxiety. This is due to overload, too much planning, too much thinking about something, destructive schemes or conspiracies, etc. Creation. This is a very dangerous type of stress because it will affect all brain arms in the long run and prevent it from working properly.

Vata dosha is responsible for mental stress. Especially prana vata is responsible. This is vata dosha al-dosha, which is responsible for the normal functioning of the brain.

The following nutrition guidelines can help alleviate mental stress: –

# Sweet, sour and salty foods should be provided as they help balance vata dosha.

# Milk and dairy products must be contained in a reasonable amount in the daily diet.

# Preferably, all meals must be cooked in a small ghee.

# Complete body massage, especially ksheerabala taila or dhanwantari taila.

# You get a decent sleep per day, at least eight hours. Physical stress

Physical stress or strain occurs when the body is overused, for example, by exercising too much or doing too hard work.

Symptoms of this type of stress in many parts of the body include pain, memory and concentration decline, focus on things, unclear vision, and so on.

This is the most important of the three points out that in this case all three doshas may be lost. Shleshaka may have problems with the proper lubrication of the joints and vyaana vata may also affect normal blood circulation in the pitta vitiation. As vata and kapha are the most affected dossiers, they take steps to balance the vata and make the kapha more powerful.

The following nutrition rules can be respected to achieve this goal

# Apples produced once a day. These are great stress-busters.

# Other foods for the removal of physical stress include coconut, almonds, ghee, milk and almost all dairy products.

# Massage every day with your own body with oil.

# Shirodhaara treatment is considered useful. This is done by lying on the ground while the full oil is suspended. At the bottom of the pot, a hole is prepared to drop the oil from the hole directly into the space between the two eyes.

Among the herbs that are commonly prescribed for treating all these strains, arjuna, ashwagandha and brahmi are also included. We were often prepared for them.

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