Do you think your life is like a racing car running at the speed of the cutting throat and the brakes are broken because of your fear? Do you feel you are ever hurried, even if you do not hurry to go anywhere? Do you feel that the list of things is all dancing in your mind and does not seem to focus on either of you? Are you around like a chicken without a head all day, and you still feel that you will never "catch up"? Did you notice that you forgot how to relax?

You're not alone.

Many of my coaching clients came to me, all passionate and stressful, worrying that they will never do (19459003) everything or do it in "right" way. They wanted to learn how to deal with stress and create some balance in their lives, but they simply did not know how to relax. You were surprised how many people draw completely empty when I ask them what they do for fun or what they relax. They're so sad they're so divorced. One customer once told me that even when he was in the spa, he could not fully relax because he was thinking about what he was doing after the spa after halfway through the massage .

Addicted to Speed ​​

Do you do so much and how much time do you deal with?

Many people have told me that they want to be more effective in solving multiple daily tasks . Some people proudly told me they were under stress within the deadline. Link to this?

What can not be noticed is adrenaline. When we get into a physical or emotional stress, a fight or flight in our body triggers a response that we then rinsed with adrenaline to help us deal with the "crisis." Adrenaline is like caffeine with extra energy and alertness. This is the so-called adrenaline rush because it is extremely addictive. You feel much more productive and everything is over. However, as caffeine has an impact on our body, after the adrenaline's rush has come to an end, they have "crashed" afterwards.

Some people try to stay in this "rush" so they can not experience the "crash". The problem is if your adrenaline runs, your body fills the stress hormone cortisol. Research has repeatedly linked chronic stress and cortisol to heart disease, hypertension, weight gain, sleep disorders, and so on. Increased risk. In other words, uncontrolled chronic stress can cause damage to your health.

Haste Waste

There is a Chinese saying that resembles "Haste Waste". The fastest route is not necessarily the best way to get where you want to go. Sometimes, when you try to run somewhere, you will not get through.

When people asked how to reduce stress quickly, I tell them to take a deep breath and slow down. Here's a few ideas for practicing what I call Tao Unhurried Way. Here's some ideas for practicing what I call Tao Unhurried Way.

1. Look at your breathing

Research has shown that if you focus all your attention on a thing, you slow down your heart rhythm and your blood pressure is lower. The simplest way to do this is to monitor your breathing. We tend to breathe or breathe low when we are tense. If you find yourself tense or keeps your breath, you take some deep breaths. Then we normally breathe in for a couple of minutes while we focus our attention on breathing in full. Your mind would probably try to interrupt with all sorts of ideas and thoughts. When you notice a thought, he just notes, without judging and releasing it. Look back and watch your breathing.

This is a basic relaxation technique and a starting meditation level. It looks simple but not easy. We've used running and things for so long, when most people have forgotten why they call us human "beings", not human "doing". If you are in trouble at the beginning, do not worry. Begin for 1-3 minutes, and if you can, you can work for up to 30 minutes. Years ago, a friend introduced Jon Kabat-Zinn and Thich Nhat Hanh's books to Mindfulness meditation and fell in love with their work. Attention is the heart of Buddhist meditation. Jon Kabat-Zinn says vigilance momentarily, momentarily, unwilling, consciousness. It is a tool that bridges the difference between life and being, and is brought back to us here and now.

Mind is often an automatic pilot and we are not completely awake at this moment. You may be physically here, but your mind is completely different. Without caution, we are not totally present in our own lives and in our relationships with others.

Jonat Kabat-Zinn asked the awareness-raising program how the participants of the stress relief program consumed raisins. Most people take them comfortably. I'm also sure. However, he asked the participants to eat a raisins and they really experienced the full flavor and the raisins texture. I tried and opened my eyes. Now, when I have to remind you of a note, I took a raisins or a very small little chocolate piece and ate it as slowly as I did.

Meditation of Mindlessness at Any Time, Anywhere, Everything You Do. Whether you are eating, reading, washing, walking or rubbing the gym, try to concentrate 100% of your attention on what you are doing. Then all you are doing is an eye-catching meditation. Needless to say, if the goal is relaxation and inner peace, multi-tasking is not the way.

3. Stop Speed-Eating

Even if you are not interested in exercising consciousness, you really slow down when you eat. Tired meals cause anxiety and stress, which prevents digestion. Studies show that when people eat fast, they tend to eat. This is because if you eat fast, your brain does not have enough time to register that it is already full and that it will stop eating. Under stress (remember that cortisol contributes to weight gain) and overcomes, eventually gaining weight.

A recent WebMD article lists fast meals as the first diet defect (eating meals is listed on List 2). Another study has shown that when you sit down a snack, later you will be less tempted to eat. It feels like "feeding on the go", our brain often does not register how complete we are. Another reason to practice "remarkable food" instead of "fast eating".

So try to sit down and enjoy your meal. If you do not have time to sit down and rest at each meal, you must at least consciously strive to eat a meal every day. Disconnect your phone, TV, computer, and Blackberry. Be full of presence and eat peace.

4. Enable the Right Time

In our often widespread lifestyles, we often underestimate how much time has been spent on each task or overestimate how much time we can take over time. As a result, you're always late and you're complaining. When scheduling appointments, try to give 1.5 times the original estimated time. In addition, provide sufficient travel time between the meetings. So if you get the traffic, you will not go crazy.

What about the transition between work and home? How often do you run at home and without taking a break, jump into your "other job" at home? It is important that you have enough time and space to transition. Maybe you can walk, visit a cafe or a bookstore or go to the gym before you go home. I know someone who would be around the block or sit in your car for a few minutes for her own car until she is ready to return to the rest of her family. Believe me, you will feel more relaxed when you enter the door.

5. Calm the Way

To slow down and have enough time, you have to reform your home and schedule. An orderly home provides tranquility and tranquility and provides safe shelter for rest and refreshment. On the other hand, if you want to reduce the tasks in the schedule, you have to say no and set up good limits.

Take an honest look at the schedule and the commitments. How many people do they enjoy? How many can be done with someone else? Have you made more commitments because you want it or because you think it should be? Or maybe you just take them because you do not know how to say no? Protect your time as if it were the most valuable asset. Since we are all 24 hours a day, when we say yes to something, you say something else. So be careful to choose. What's the matter?

6. Take Time for You

Last but not least, it takes time. Most people do not realize they are too extending themselves and are heading towards burning. The truth is you will not notice, unless you slow it down enough to see your reality. Some of our clients have come to this recognition during coaching sessions after examining their pace, values, and priorities. Some people told me that all they did was both related to their workplace and home responsibilities and did nothing for themselves. They almost forgot what they were doing for fun.

If it is related to this, it is time for some Intensive self-care Conscious choice to make self-care a priority. After all, if he does not take care of you, he will not be there again.

Let's go "Me Time" daily, or at least weekly. Do something good for yourself every day. It might be something small than buying fresh flowers, reading half an hour or taking a bubble bath. Or something might be great like a spa day or girls in the evenings. Do whatever you can. You deserve it.

Spend time for you and take the time to do what you enjoy. Taste every moment. Be fully present. Then the fast road will be the true peace and tranquility.

Copyright 2007 Hueina Su, MS, BSN, CEC

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