Stress: (noun) is a mental or emotional strain or stress condition that results from unfavorable or very difficult circumstances (eg under stress); which causes such a condition.

Are you familiar with sound? Should. The fact is that stress is everywhere. They will not be avoided, eliminated or unwanted. Stress is a very important part of life. This may have a great impact and should be addressed accordingly.

Stress management is based on basic, but often neglected, fundamentals: good nutrition, good night sleep, adequate breathing, and regular exercise. While these may seem like non-intellectuals, it may be misleadingly difficult to meet the mid-term deadlines, work crises and intense pressure. Necessary attention is needed in order to adequately protect the needs and pressures of work and home life. It helps with the full arsenal of anti-stress strategies. You can even try more:

Keep an eye on the big picture. This is a simple formula: intense workplace pressure – inspiration = stress. When the demands are high and the direction is missing, motivation is falling and stress is set. The antidote? Do not waste expensive time on low-impact, non-essential tasks. Instead, dedicate your time and attention to the activities that move to reach your goals and achieve goals.

Share the load. No matter how talented or experienced you may not be able to do all this. Sent, if applicable. Cooperate. Feel the workforce. Share the responsibility of the final product. It's a winning formula for everyone involved and a great way to fight stress.

Strive for success – but let go of perfection. Do your job well, and you will recognize and reward your achievements. If it is perfection, it only sets itself when an error occurs. As it turns out, people simply do not want to do things perfectly. So embrace humanity – and your colleagues – waiting for and delivering the excellent but bad performance.

Celebrate your victory. It is not unusual for the great performers to constantly raise the band for themselves. They are rarely satisfied with their accommodation and always strive to achieve more, more. And very often, they just do it. The disadvantage is that they often have tremendous pressure (eg Stress). It is very important to balance this excellence with a healthy celebration of success. Do not be afraid to admit what you've got. Remember, success is contagious. And celebration of success is a wonderful antidote for stress.

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