Stress management works on two levels. The first is to maintain a harmonious lifestyle so that stress can not be controlled. This includes shops that allow you to relieve stress. The second strategy involves how to calm yourself or change the mood when stress has a negative impact on your life. The first strategy is about prevention. The second is more about curing stress. This article examines these two strategies and how it can be applied to stress management for the elderly.

There are no great secrets to preventing stress from having a serious problem in your life. If you want to avoid stress, you need to get involved.

Stay active. Nowadays, many older people are training the gym, and there are many low-impact activities such as water aerobics or lessons for the elderly. If the gym is not your business then any sport or physical activity is good. Walking, bowls, or golf can provide physical exercise without causing excessive physical stress on the body.

Stay in the community. As people may be older, they feel they are not affected by the mainstream. They can not often see their friends, and they are easy to isolate themselves.

It's important that you have a lead to express your feelings and thoughts about the world and your life. Many people see their children and grandchildren at the center of their thoughts and feelings, and as an exception, it is important to have a life out of the family. Look for community activities you can take with you. There are many charitable organizations, such as rotating events for the elderly. Make friends with people you meet in these events because it offers more opportunities for socialization.

Create a new goal in life. Retirement must open a new freedom in your life to try things that I have never had time before because you work. This does not mean that there is a cruise around the world (but you can do it), rather a continuation of a hobby or something that you've always been interested in. This may include horticulture, photography, the dragon or whatever you think. It is important to have something that focuses your mind and body.

Curing stress effectively changes the condition of your body. The body responds in a certain way if you think it is in a stressful state. This can cause bad health and anxiety or depression over time. If you find that you are gradually in need or suffering from anxiety or depression, it is advisable to see your doctor, but other techniques may be combined with the advice of doctors. These techniques are used to nourish the body. Three common techniques are meditation, yoga and deep breathing. Through meditation and yoga classes, reading books and watching videos can be learned. Deep breathing is fairly simple and slows down the body and takes more oxygen into the body.

Prevention is often better than healing. Stay active and participate in life and find ways to deal with potential stressful events. This does not mean that you run a marathon monthly, but you have the energy, thought and feeling.

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