You probably heard the quote that everyone has a novel in it. He often seeks out that novelists encourage them to continue the great, unfinished work that can be gathered at the bottom of their desk. I think the idea stems from the fact that everyone has something original to say something (at least once). That their life is something original. It is important what they experienced and how they deal with it. This is a chance for them to examine their lives and fix it.

Without being a novelist or a aspiring writer, anyone can write to grab his life and fix it. So you can deal with issues that can cause stress and find a solution to the problem and the stress relationship.

One of the most common ways to alleviate stress is to keep the log / diary. With daily access to everyday rumors, daily struggles, or big disappointments, you can handle the problem and the problem. There are two advantages. This gives you the opportunity to discuss things you may be uncertain about, and give you ideas on how to deal with the problem now or in the future. If you have a good record in a journal, it's really a cathartic experience.

Another benefit of preserving a well-resourced journal is that it serves the story of your life. This can motivate you if you have to deal with stressful issues. See how you managed to overcome previous problems and gave you confidence in the current problem

Logging your daily planner and keeping track of future planned events also alleviates stress. By anticipating it, it effectively takes control of future events and potentially circumvents any stressful issues that may arise.

For those who are more interested in the writing process, making a creative writing class or workshop is a great way to alleviate stress. Creative writing times often include the fictional short story your classmates are reading. Then the merits of the story will be discussed on stylistic and thematic aspects. This process is a great way to put your inner thoughts on paper and analyze them with other people.

As a way to alleviate stress, writing provides an opportunity for a person to engage in inner thoughts. This act is in itself a way of addressing potentially stressful issues. The by-product is to find new ways to deal with this issue.

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