Think of the last time he really was exposed. How did you react to stress? Did you run out of the handle? Shake the stomach? Did you just go to the bar when you tried to use your stress?

Not all that can cause stress. Certain things can obviously be eliminated, for example, a job you hate – but in many cases there is no control over the world or the stresses that you have to deal with daily.

Many of our stress and anxiety are associated with or lack of control. If we feel that our environment is not under our control, it is very confusing. In fact, it is often frightening. But after we understand that we can not control everything, we can relax and cooperate with what we can control.

The idea that we can not control everything in our world is so terrible that many will do our best to ignore this fact and to put it out of our minds. In the earliest part of our lives, we increase the security and consistency of feelings. When something is compromised that endangers security, it becomes increasingly pronounced. But how do we react to such tensions under our control.

In fact, since you can not control other people, or many situations that arise in life to respond to that stress, the most definitive thing in this life can take control of.

Needless to say you can react negatively to stress. This is an example of this waste. Or you can choose to react positively, for example, by cleaning. One, you are sure to waste time and money while the other is free and even productive.

  • Misuse of drugs or alcohol
  • Binge Eating
  • Abuse of Family Members
  • Accidental Infection of Prescription Medications
  • Forced Negative Activity (eg Gambling or Overrun)
  • Positive methods for treating stress

    • Driving in the gym for some workout
    • Meditation exercise
    • Deep breathing technique
    • is a trusted friend or therapist
    • Listening to relaxing music [NeedlesstosaywhetherstressrespondspositivelyornegativelyThedecisionisentirelyyoursAndoftenenoughthisistheonlythingthatcanbedecidedinastressfulsituationRememberthechoiceisyours

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