Do you know the factors that associate pairs and what causes the breakup of others? Is the problem of choosing a partner to live up to a lot of stress?

Twenty percent of the first marriages do not fall within five years of the wedding date. Finally, over time, the divorce rate will be fifty percent. If stressed, there are some valid statistics that support your feelings.

Here's a way to deal with stress when looking at a potential companion. Take a step back and look at these five main areas:

* Self-awareness.

If you live out your strengths, pay attention to your emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual needs and are in touch with those who are keeping you on a firm footing. We are rarely all of us together in these areas, but in order to be aware of them, and to work with them is moving forward towards a successful union.

* Requirements.

It is vital that you become clear about the features that you must possess or with which you can not pass others. Most connections are unsuccessful because they both discovered too late that the other have characteristics they could not live with. Spend some time and make a list of the top ten non-negotiable requirements that a partner needs to do. Knowing your needs will significantly reduce stress.

* Character rating.

Integrity is the foundation for a lasting relationship. You have to pay attention to the signs that reveal when someone is lying, cheating, stealing or hanging out from dependency. Be aware that someone's red flag has a fragrant temperament. Unmanageable anger is a major cause of the connection failure. Relationship with the poor man will never work until he seeks and gets help with his problems.

* Attitude.

Useful for a life-like attitude. Neglect, "poverty", arrogance, chest on the shoulders, and attitudes towards the right (the world belongs to me) is a sign of any problem that only expects expectations.

* Equality.

This area covers a wide range of values ​​and interests. The most important ones they are looking for are the intellect, the education, and the religious background and exercises. You may not need your future partner to make as much money as you are or to be so successful in their work, but it is imperative that you get a sense of it so you can have conversations that last for a lifetime

. wanting to deal with stress while dating and looking for a life partner, look at the purity of these attributes. Chemistry and good appearance can initially attract and be important, but the above values ​​must also be present


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