Stress Management Advice is available everywhere. If you are reading a newspaper or magazine, or looking online, you have a number of practical tips for reducing stress. The trick is how to implement them.

Here is an approach that helps you to get ideas.

Use this article as a template. Get a blank page and enter the following questions with unique information. You can quickly review your own stress management action plan.

Follow your plan, whether dead or dead, and make significant progress towards a peaceful and harmonious life!

Current Stress Survey

List the top ten stresses. Divide each one on a scale of 1 to 10 where the horrible 10 is the worst.

Highlight your upper stressor. Additionally, highlight the stressor you are most likely to be able to handle quickly.

Set Your Goals for Stress Reduction

Set your long term goal for your upper stressor . Where would you like in a year? Six months? Three months? Work back from your goal. Of course, goals can be made even earlier than the deadlines you have set. Keep in mind that the goals are SMART-specific, measurable, accessible, realistic, and time-limited.

Now see what you can do right away to reduce stress on the item you are likely to handle quickly. Do you know how to handle this stress situation in a month? If this is likely, set a goal for a month and work to date to set up your steps.

Is there something you can do today? Do you have to decide? Further information? Asks for help? Rest and leave because you did everything? You now have a problem-solving plan and you will probably be hoping.


Then think about yourself, your spouse or your trusted friend or family member.

How could you treat yourself and your environment for each of the two stress reduction goals while seeking a longer term solution? List all the ideas you can think of without censoring.


What can relaxation and tension release on a physical level?


What can you do to support yourself emotionally? How do you love and dear yourself and anyone else while you work?


How to change your mindset and mental conscience about the stressful problem? Are there any other logical approaches as well? Need more information to troubleshoot?


What spiritual resources can you call to help take over this?

Choose Strategies

Now select one or two strategies from this brainstorming list. Choose the ones you like best. Are we willing to commit ourselves? How and when do you do them? Where? How to stand up for success with the unique stress management program?

Take Your Steps

There is now a multi-level action plan and a self-help plan. Take steps to solve the problem and use self-supporting strategies.

Review, Review, and Repeat

Review your plan at least once a week and modify as necessary. If you get a stress reduction or you relax somewhat in one area, turn your attention to the next area and repeat this design and action model. Do it again and again as many times as necessary while creating less stressful and greater inner peace.

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