If something like me you're stressed because the money you're looking for does not cover all the cost of living. I work as a youth counselor and I am looking for less than 2,000.00 per month, so I'm always looking for ways to extend the dollar. I stated that the best way for me to live is $ 2,000.00 a month, and I should not stress: 1) I have established a positive relationship with my money and 2) creating a budget

# 1 creating a positive relationship with her money
I live in Atlanta underground and use it to give money to anyone and everyone who is a sad story or a story at all. I had to learn that if I would handle my money as if it meant nothing to me, and if I keep my money on impulse, my money would leave, and the result would be a break.

Now, instead of giving money to every case, I respect my money as a real value. I realized that money is needed to pay for the things I need and the things I want. I use wisdom to spend my money.

# 2 Creating a Budget
When I was from a limited amount of money, I had to learn how to separate my desires from my needs. I have observed my spending habits and the two areas that have been called waste disposal: 1) food and 2) entertainment. I've found that I save a lot of money at home instead of cooking. Also, before I buy, plan and write my meals this week, and I'm a grocery store in my menu. The most important element of shopping is to stick to the list!

I'm a coffee drinker and I've also found that I save a lot of money when I cook my coffee at home, instead of Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks.

Save a lot of money using your local public library. Instead of spending money on a newspaper, magazine or book shop, you can access these libraries freely in addition to an air-conditioned environment. You can use computers for free and rent movies and music. The local library has free Wifi, so you can carry your laptop and get unlimited internet access.

If you have a job that is profitable, but your pay can not easily find yourself stressed; especially when the due dates of the accounts are approaching fast. Most importantly, you do not have to worry when you are struggling with cash, learn how to react to your situation and react to your situation.

This article is courageous about two suggestions that you can use to answer your situation. You can try finding additional ways to supplement and rejuvenate your income.

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