One of my favorite stories about the change is the "10,000 monster room". & # 39; & # 39;

In this room, you play all your worst fears, worries and nightmares as if they were real. You come in and close the door behind you. There is no handle inside the door. The only door with handle is in the room.

If you can go through the room and reach the door, it will reach Nirvana. You have to go to yourself and get only two advice:

The first does not matter what you see, hear or feel, remember that this is not true, but your own imagination. This is good advice, but if your greatest fear comes from the heights and sees yourself on the edge of a 20-story building, you probably will not get anywhere.

The second advice is that whatever you see, hear or feel, keep your feet moving and get to the other side.

The Morality of the Story:

Keep your feet in spite of the rejection.

When tuned to the station KYFM – Keep your feet moving (TM), you will not be stuck in fear, you are still progressing whatever it is.

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