I work with high-risk youth, most of whom are African Americans and often have to help them do their homework. Young people who provide homework help may sometimes be very stressful because they are easily disappointed if they can not quickly understand the concepts. What I did with African-American youth is learning that they are traditionally easier to learn if they have a rhythm. So, when I help young people learn how to teach spelling words, I use rhythm to teach them. For example, I know that young people enjoy hip-hop music, so I use hiphop music to show them how to memorize spelling words.

first Making a Hip Hop Song
1. Think of the youth to make a story about spelling words. Probably the story is about their situation and is at their level.
2. Allow young people to enjoy their favorite hip-hop songs. Make sure there is an instrumental version of a song.
3. Allow young people to scramble their story and speak the words on the beat.
4. If you are able to write the words until the rapping, you can successfully learn the spelling words.
5. Sometimes there may be more songs to be produced.

Tip # 2 Play Double Dutch
Whenever African American girls want to help with spelling, one of the things I do is show them how to write words while jumping. bounce double dutch singing a tune to rope rhythm while jumping. Together, the girls and I create a story with their spelling words and intercept the story and spell the words as they bounce.

Tip # 3 Play Superman
When I help kids do homework, I learn less about stressful thinking about playing Superman. Actually, I let the kids put on the red robes and put a great "S" on their chest paper. I can help them learn to spell their words as if they were Superman and save spelling words.

How To Play Superman

1. Type the spelling word on a flash card.
2. Shows that the villain has taken the flash card. "Help me, help me with Superman"
3. Superman must save the word on the flash card
4. Before the "Superman" can save the Word, you have to say the word and then write it down.
5. If "Superman" can pronounce and spell the word, only Superman can save the word.

Youth can help with homework, it can be very stressful, but you do not have to. Helping children only requires creativity and patience. If you want to learn less stress, you just have to find out how to keep young people's attention and learn how to make learning interesting and entertaining.

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