Life is Change. Growth is Optional. Choose Wisely

I recently saw these words on the bumper of the car in front of me in traffic. Every now and then, wisdom seems to jump out at you from the most unextected places.

Life is change

"Everything Must Change" – George Benson

All of life is about change. Yet we act so surprised when change comes our way. Wether it's change that we seek out or change that seeks us out, life is full of change.

Growth is optional

"Ch-ch-ch-changes, tryin 'to face the strain." – David Bowie

While change is inevitable, growth and adaptation to change is not.

It's a decision and a choice.

I worked with people who had changed them years ago and they had not grown a bit since then. The changes could just as well have happened just hte day before. On the other hand, I've worked with people who have been changer at them and have not chosen to grow and adapt, they even found ways to make it work for them.

Choose wisely

"You've chosen wisely." from the movie "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

There is a wonderflu scene towards the end of the last Indiana Jones movie. Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones must pick the right goblet from dozens, under the wathcful eye of the knight hwo has After the careful selection and drinking of the right cup, the knight turns to Jones and says "you have chosen wisely."

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