When I write about and talk about stress management, I prefer the stress test. I prefer this stress because of why you do not really handle something if you can take the next step and learn it?

The charm of music …

It was said that music gives wild beasts a spell.

As long as this can be true, I know that music has spells to appease their wild tension.

I think I have a very small amount of time in my life when there is no music playing. This is a lifelong habit. I remember my dad, like a teenager, asked me if my radio was working if the radio did not work.

I did not know and did not care.

Stress Master Studio

Here are some great things for music and stress testing:

1. Everywhere you can listen – in the shower, in the workplace, in the car, at waking, etc.

2nd Since many are awake awake every morning, why not wake up to your favorite music?

3rd You can choose music for your mood. Some hard rock, if it's frustrated and angry, and then a little jazzy jerk.

4th You are not cheap – if you are online, you can listen to almost any music completely free of charge at places like itunes.com.

My challenge is to experiment and play (purpose of the game) how to use music to master stress.

Happy silence.

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