One of the best professional experiences I've ever wanted for an adolescent drug treatment center for a good part of the eighties. I did not make a lot of money there, but what I learned during the six plus years was invaluable.

HALTS is a commonly used substitution treatment that is very useful for stress management. The HALTS approach to stress management recommends avoiding the hungry angry, lonely tired scare. [19645002] Hungry – Although the food immediately remembers (when not?), There are many other things that can be "hungry". All of us need to feel, connect with others, and something bigger than ourselves, recognition, and more. They are missing some of these basic emotional needs and are very sad or depressed. Hint: Angry – I'm angry, you're angry, we're all angry. No problem. The problem comes when anger is the most common emotion and the first answer to most situations. Recent research has shown that constant anger is not only good for you, it can also kill you. Notwithstanding all the modern methods we need to communicate with each other, we still live in a culture where it is extremely easy to isolate it. Most people do not know the names of their neighbors on either side or across the street. I know people who are "too busy" to spend time on connecting with other people. These people are too busy for their own sake.

Tip: Take the time to connect and stay in touch with others. Be in the neighborhood and show yourself Call an old friend you did not speak for a while. Keep in touch. – Vince Lombardi said, "Tiredness makes us all cowards." Not that most people have no time to rest, the fact that most people have really forgotten how. When is the final form of rest, sleep, when was the last time you received the recommended 8-10 hours? Now you can not laugh. We can stretch it until the body takes over and forces us to rest. I worked with clients who told me they were really honoring their hospital hospital hospital exhaustion. Go for it.

Tip: In addition to getting sleep, relax in the rest. Put the appointment book and protect it and keep it like any other important appointment. Scared – In the Tarzan movies I looked like a kid, there were natives who shot a poisoned darts that temporarily paralyzed man. Fear can do the same – it paralyzes us in inactivity. The success, rejection, success of the future, the success of the future, you are called, we are too scared and frozen. Tip: Facing your fears and action or eliminating your fears. Do not forget that fear is all about forgetting, running, and seeing false evidence. Courage is not a lack of fear. Courage is afraid of something and in any case it does.

Better or worse if too many of them can be beyond any of our days. Two or more consistent presence may indicate the situation that requires change. Exercise these tips to successfully deal with stress, or you may want to get to someone who can train you to help stress your work.

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