If you put more pressure than you handle, it becomes vulnerable to illnesses that can exacerbate life-threatening illnesses. They too often notice our problems when they come, and not before. Do not forget the old adage: one dose of prevention is worth a pound of heal – and this is also easier in the budget. Take your time and check for signs of mental and / or physical injury.

Quiz results can be a loose guide to developing a stress management program, so it's important to answer the questions honestly. If you find that more than one answer applies to you, choose the one that suits you best.

first When are you going to work, how do you deal with it? 1969: 002: A: I'm starting to work on things that need to be done. B: First, I think, then I'm doing my time I need.

C: Doomed and bored with work. If you find a sudden debt, then …

A: Try to solve all of your financial problems as you handle it.

B: Evaluate the situation and gradually recover from financial losses

C: Above the problem.

3rd If you were asked to describe your life in one word, would that be it? A: Progressive

B: Stable

C: Heavy

4. If you have a problem, then …

A: takes over as a challenge.

B: Think about what steps you need to take to cope with it.

C: Blame others for the problem. 19659002] 5.

A: Find something that distracts you while waiting.

B: Read a good book or take in the sights and relax.

C: Scary and angry

6. If you get more work than you do, then?

A: Fight your efforts to complete the end.

B: Track the action process and slowly, but surely adapt to the pressure [19659002] C: It complains about it.


A: Go wherever I go.

B: Relax.

C: Hard to relax.


B: fun.

C: Heavy.


A: You are ready to cope with everything that is happening.

B: Calm and open.

C: I can not move things. .

A: accept changes

B: learn how to handle changes

C: complain about it

If most of your answers are "A", this means you are a very active and trusted person . You can handle problems by directly dealing with them instead of solving things. It is very likely that the stress-organizing mechanism will shift stress into a positive stress (a stress reliever) that allows you to take advantage of it at the same time. You can usually do this by trying your hobbies or in some form. The combination of mood and healthy body allows you to withstand good stress

If most of your choices are "B", you are probably very calm, calm and logical. Take your time with things, minimizing the chances of mistake on your part. This methodological approach also applies to things that make it possible for you to overcome problems before they become more problematic. You may rarely deal with the problems, and if so, it will not affect you as much as you normally do and you act as if nothing had happened. The only disadvantage of all these attributes is that it tends to become too passive. There is a risk that you are looking at problems, or you spend too much time handling things, so you may face a problem that you can snoop in the bud.

Most "C" responses would reflect your relatively weak mechanisms. You're probably irritable and you always want me to go in the way that's never in life. From then on it becomes frustrating and eventually puts unnecessary tension on itself. Nature can be attributed to life-changing events that have recently occurred. You may be advised to seek professional help and begin to change the issues when they come. It would be a good idea to get in shape because a physically healthy person's stress is much more favorable than bad health.

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