If you do not handle stress, you can feel tired, drained and depressed – it can also kill you. Here are some simple stress management tips that help you overcome stress and maintain health.

Stress management is a current and permanent correction of body and mind for stress and pressure.

The worst form of stress is daily, repetitive and constant stress from any source.

The body is constantly responding, releasing hormones and enzymes into the circulatory system and ultimately killing the immune system.

Learn now about treating stress and avoid heart attacks and stroke just waiting for it to happen.

Many people do not know they are suffering from stress and the effects of stress.

Some simple self-tests and you can see that they are both stressful or stressful. Test your body at any time of the day.

Are you in touch? Do you have "nervous feet" (feet up and down in the foot)? Is your face tense?

Is there any pain on your shoulders or arm that would not be there? Test the pulse? More than 80 beats per minute when you are in peace?

Do you have high blood pressure? If one of these answers is true then you can be sure that you are suffering from stress and suffering from stress.

Identify Stress

It's very cruel for your health and well-being to identify the stresses in your life. Not really difficult. Start now.

List the people, situations, and factors that cause stress.

First, create a list in any order.

When you finish all the stressed items, you have to rank 1-5. Form, 1 is the worst and least 5.

You can use the identified and gradual stressors to create a system for treating stress.

first Stage Stressors and Steps

For every 1st grade stressor, you need to find a way to eliminate or subtract yourself from the stressor source.

If your 1st degree stress is your boss, you may need a new job.

If your mother-in-law disturbs a happy home life, you may need it.

Consider a list of 1st grade stressors and make a working solution for each item.

Read the list again and consider the alternative to avoid stress removal.

If you get a heart attack or stroke, your life is over. This action can save your life.

2nd and Stage 5 Stressors

For less classified stressors, exactly as you did for grade 1 stressors, but do not have to be as critical as very negative stressors.

If 2nd grade stress is an adjacent, annoying cat, you can resist stress by listening to music you enjoy (and not removing the cat you might otherwise find impossible).

To be less critical but negligible, even in Stage 5 stressors, you can find a viable solution.

Stress First Aid

If you find your hands twisting or your face tense, take a minute 'time'. Sit down quietly and rest your stretched and stressed areas.

Consciously loosen your emphasized part.

This is the minute for you. If you can not find a quiet place, go to the bathroom.

Put cold water on your face and wrist. Sit down for a moment as long as you are calm. You can experience stress and tension at any time.

You can save your life.

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