"I need to be in control" Stress Hot Button

If you do not feel angry, nervous or revenge – again! "Probably there is a stress hot button on" You have to be in control ".

What to do and what to do to reduce stress:

1. If another person calls your powers and steers control – for example, gently or openly disagrees with you:

Insist and insist that you are right. Try to emotionally reach or overcome the other person. Increase your voice to get points. Finally, the only winner will be the level of celestial blood pressure and stress.

Instead, change how you think and talk to yourself:

I never really control that another person is a child) is thinking and talking. Maybe I'd prefer to agree or to make my way, but I do not have to be right. I'm ready to listen to a neutral, objective observer. I'm willing to rest and just watch. As I listen and talk quietly, more creative solutions will be needed.

2nd If external circumstances pose a challenge to your level of control – for example, before a traffic accident, which is an hour late:

Cuss. Get out of the car and get impatient. Keep worrying about how terrible you miss the meeting. Eventually he comes to an emotional and emotional turmoil, frustrated and stressful.

Instead, change your mindset and inner self-discernment:

I do not like it (weather, traffic knot is a catastrophe) but the best I can do is calm and fully functional. I'll do everything I need to get help or report (in anticipation of being too late, putting a HELP comment on the windshield, calling the fire department or the police). I consciously rest and remain vigilant to be safe and ready to participate in the rest of the meeting. I'll go there when we get there. Everything will be fine.

3rd If an internal conflict challenges your level of control – for example, an appetite but gobbling chocolate.

You're wrong if you do not have a will and betray yourself. Call yourself names. Rejuvenate yourself with your will battle against what you will eat. Penalty closes itself into the struggle between different parts of the different demands. Both are losing and struggling with the point of conflict and stress.

Instead, make compassionate changes to the inner debate: [OK] darling (or childhood nickname), we slide. I forgive myself. Let's do it the next time. Let's see what we needed when we ate the chocolate! Must Conscious? Reassurance? Let's look at this to work together. I know that you and I are on the same page and want me to arrange for me.

When you accept what's going on (You do not have to like it!) When you sympathize and kindly talk to yourself, you change your mindset patterns. This creates positive emotions such as relief and relaxation instead of negative, stressful button reactions. Use these examples of prolonged creative thinking about the hot keys of the individual stress and will soon be on the move with the following steps for healthy stress management

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