Reframing is a tool that can change the pressure on ourselves.

Reframing means it sounds exactly the same as the situation.

Have you noticed how different the painting is when you change around the frame? A bad frame can ruin the painting, while the right frame can save the eye and show details that you have not seen otherwise.

EX: Instead of "I'll never do anything" to "how to do all this and more and enjoy the process?"

While some people say it's just semantics, I'm saying they're actually using the power of words and focus on changing life.

If we look at something different, what is called a re-emerge, it has at least two very powerful advantages:

1. If we look different in a situation, we can reduce the stress of the situation.

2nd It often happens that it looks different to find solutions that you have never discovered.

One of the best ways to look at the situation or the problem differently is to think about your favorite character in a book or movie or someone you look at. Then ask yourself that this person looks at the situation and solves the problem.

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